7 Cute Whiteboard Ideas for Bedroom That Make You Want One

Whiteboard is a common item at school but not many people know that it can be a great addition to the bedroom. With cute whiteboard ideas for bedroom, you can have a unique wall decoration. Plus, it can be a perfect tool to leave messages to your parents or write your schedules.

1. Monthly Planner Whiteboard with Corkboard

Monthly Planner Whiteboard with Corkboard

Let’s start with a simple but functional whiteboard for bedroom. Coming with a familiar design, this cute whiteboard can serve as your monthly planner. Write your weekly schedule in a row so you won’t miss an important event from Sunday to Saturday.

This bedroom whiteboard has a magnetic part where you can keep magnetic markers—no more losing them! What’s interesting is that it is designed with a corkboard that allows you to pin your memos or favorite photos.

2. Wall Whiteboard for Room Decor

Wall Whiteboard for Room Decor

Forget the small whiteboards because you can have huge one to cover your bedroom wall. Not only does it serve as a place to express your thought or write important things, but also it can be a unique decoration to the interior. How many bedrooms have this kind of wall décor?

3. Dress Up with Decorations

Dress Up with Decorations

If you are looking for cute whiteboard ideas for bedroom, be sure this one is on your top list. The hanging white board can be a perfect place to write your weekly schedule, thanks to the large size. Make it more attractive by adorning with your favorite faux plants or photos.

4. Cute Star White Board

Cute Star White Board

Whiteboards don’t always have to be square or rectangle. Now you can have a star whiteboard that is easy to erase. By function, this whiteboard can be a great place for your kiddos to draw on the wall. It can also serve as a brilliant wall decoration in your kid’s bedroom.

You can count on these cute whiteboard designs as an alternative to conventional whiteboards. It is easy to clean, affordable, and visually attractive.

5. Whiteboard Decor for Your Statement

Whiteboard Decor for Your Statement

If you want to express your thought on a whiteboard, this idea is a must. The cute whiteboard ideas for bedroom come with a wood frame that creates a natural look, ideal for your farmhouse or minimalist sleep space. Write your thought based on your mood so everyone knows what’s on your mind.

6. Personal Whiteboard for Messages

Personal Whiteboard for Messages

This personal whiteboard is suitable for small bedrooms that do not have much space left. Despite the small size, it comes in handy to write your messages before you leave. The whiteboard has a magnetic back that allows you to stick it almost anywhere.

7. Whiteboard Wall Sticker

Cute Whiteboard Ideas for Bedroom

What about whiteboard stickers? This removable whiteboard PVC sticker offers a practical alternative for homeowners who are concerned about aesthetic. Your kiddos can easily write their weekly schedule on it. There is also a note section that allows your kids to write things that matter or make art.

Whiteboards are not only effective to write schedule but they can add a visual attraction. They are no longer plain and boring as you can find tons of cute whiteboard ideas for bedroom.

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