Carolina Calling: The Top Places to Call Home in North Carolina

Located in the central-eastern part of America, North Carolina (NC) is a perfect blend of natural and modern beauty. This state has it all, from sandy dunes and breathtaking mountain ranges to beautiful beaches and majestic hiking trails. Due to its humid subtropical climate, the Tar Heel State attracted 341,582 out-of-state residents in 2022.

NC ranked #1 as America’s best state for business, paving the way for excellent job prospects. The state is also home to top-rated universities like Duke University, Wake Forest University, and more. Hence, NC offers a higher quality of life, affordable living, and exceptional education opportunities.

Are you intrigued by how amazing life can be if you call North Carolina your home? In that case, this blog will list the four best places in NC with enchanting coasts, vibrant city life, tranquil mountains, and more.

#1. Raleigh: The City of Oaks

best home in raleigh

According to Century Communities, Raleigh is the center for innovation because of the excellent school districts and job prospects. It’s ranked #5 as the best place to live in America. This North Carolina State Capitol has family-friendly communities offering a unique Southern vibe.

The best part about Raleigh is the competitive house pricing. Statistics suggest this city has a 7% lower sales tax. Hence, you can rent an apartment below USD 1,000. Other than that, the fuel costs are as low as USD 0.50 per gallon.

You can also enjoy breathtaking hiking trails filled with oak trees in Lake Crabtree County Park. Or you can go on aquatic adventures on the Neuse River. Other than that, you get to enjoy various cuisines and culinary varieties among the 504 restaurants in the city.

#2. Charlotte: The Queen City

Best home in Charlotte

You’ll be mesmerized by the vibrant ‘big city’ vibe Charlotte offers. The city has a fast-paced community and a booming tech industry. It’s the largest city in North Carolina, spanning over 300 square miles.

The Queen City ranks #4 in the top places to live in North Carolina. That’s because of the low cost of living, affordable education avenues, and the city’s cleanliness. Renting an apartment will cost you approximately USD 1,670 in Charlotte.

You can enjoy multiple recreational activities during the weekend. For instance, you can go on camping adventures in the McDowell Nature Preserve. Moreover, you can take your children to the Discovery Place Science Museum. You can also enjoy artistic performances during the vibrant nightlight in the city.

#3. Winston-Salem: The Twin City

best home in Winston-Salem

Are you looking for a place that offers a rich historical charm coupled with modernism in North Carolina? Then, Winston-Salem is your city. The abundance of top-notch universities, a stable job market, and medical institutions attract college students, professionals, and families alike.

The cost of living is average, especially in charming and friendly neighborhoods like Beuna Vista and Sherwood Forest. Ideally, you can expect to pay approximately USD 1,213 for an apartment in this city. Irrespective of where you live, the Twin City will shock you with its double heritage, quiet streets, and beautiful scenery.

You can also enjoy recreational activities like horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking. Apart from that, you can visit Historic Bethbara Park to witness European archeology or the Quarry at Grant Park for a picnic.

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#4. Outer Banks: The Vacation Destination

The Top Places to Call Home in North Carolina

You’ve probably heard about or seen the 2020 TV show Outer Banks. The show perfectly portrays the beautiful and traditional essence of this island. However, it still remains an underrated and unappreciated place to live year-round.

Do you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life? Then, the Outer Banks would be a perfect place to raise a family, retire, or live a quiet life in the heart of nature.

Technically, the Outer Banks consist of 175 miles of barrier islands. These include the Shackleford and Currituck Banks with Hatteras, Portsmouth, Bodie, and Ocracoke islands.

Popularly known as the vacation destination of NC, the Outer Banks has a chain of mesmerizing beaches where you can enjoy a calm life. This small town has a close-knit and safe community that welcomes everyone.

During the weekends, you can go birdwatching at the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge or visit the Bodie Island Lighthouse. Moreover, you can drive to historic sites like the Civil War Trail or the Wright Brothers National Memorial.

In conclusion, moving to NC would be a good decision. The state has unique cities with a homey vibe that will surely make you feel accepted by the community. If you want to live in a vacation destination, you can choose the Outer Banks. However, if you are comfortable with a fast-paced city life, then choose Charlotte. a

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