Dahlia Flower Meaning of Different Colors

Dahlia flowers are gorgeous, featuring layered petals of vibrant colors and long-lasting blooms. But behind their beauty, dahlias are tied to a range of symbolism and meanings. Each dahlia color holds a special meaning, so learn more about dahlia flower meaning before giving it to the special one.

Red Dahlia Flower Means Perseverance

Red Dahlia Flower Means Perseverance

Dahlia generally symbolizes new beginnings and diversity amidst boredom. Turns out dahlia color is tied to its meaning. There are different colors of dahlias, one of which is red. The red varieties come with vibrant red color on the layered petals, making it look more daring.

Red dahlias symbolize perseverance with its bright and striking color. It also represents the ability to overcome every problem, not to mention it serves to remind the inner strength people have even when dark time comes. You can give red dahlias to someone who is having hard times.

Purple Dahlia Stands for Royalty

Purple Dahlia Stands for Royalty

Purple dahlias are so beautiful with their vibrant and long-lasting blooms. Purple dahlias are commonly used in hand bouquets and flower decorations for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, royal-themed birthdays, and many more.

What is purple dahlia flower meaning? These varieties represent royalty, admiration, and respect. Giving a bunch of purple dahlias is an instant way to show your respect and admiration to someone. It works well alone or with other flowers.

Pink Dahlia Flower Represents Kindness

Pink Dahlia Flower Represents Kindness

You might have never seen pink varieties of dahlias but they do exist. These hybrid varieties have a soft and subtle pink tone with slight yellow at the base of each petal. Pink dahlias also have a yellow center that makes them look more attractive when they don’t fully bloom yet.

Pink dahlia flower meaning is associated with beauty and kindness. Thanks to the soft pink color that is friendly to your eyesight. The pink blooms also represent feminine beauty that makes it a perfect gif for a special woman in your life.

Pink dahlias are ideal for Mother’s Day or your partner’s special moment like birthday or wedding anniversary.

White Dahlia Means Innocence and Purity

White Dahlia Means Innocence and Purity

White dahlias have pure white layered petals with a slightly orange base that creates beautiful gradation. White varieties are among dahlia varieties that have their own meaning and symbolism. But similar to other flowers with white color, it is more tied to purity and innocence.

In addition to innocence and purity, white dahlia flower meaning is linked to new birth. They are often viewed as a blank canvas which is ready to write or draw. This is why these blooms are perfect for baptism, newborn baby, and religious activities.

Yellow Dahlia Flower Reflects Cheerfulness

Yellow Dahlia Flower Reflects Cheerfulness

All yellow flowers are joyful and cheerful. Yellow dahlias are no exception as they are closely associated with cheerfulness. This symbolism has made these blooms popular in joyful and happy occasions like birthdays, weddings, new births, and other happy moments.

Yellow dahlias also symbolize childhood glee. If you want to make someone’s day, give a bunch of these blooms to brighten up the day. Yellow dahlia flowers which have bright and vibrant yellow petals commonly have slight red accent on their petals that make their overall look more attractive.

Green Dahlia Flower Symbolizes Big Change

Dahlia flower meaning

Green flowers are not so popular as purple, red, or white. But when it comes to dahlia, green blooms are so special with meaningful symbolism. Green dahlias, as the name suggest, have green layered petals look unique. They typically don’t come with other colors.

Green dahlia flower meaning is linked to changes and new beginnings. These blooms can be a perfect flower bouquet for someone who is starting a new job or moving to a new house. The green color represents new start and something fresh.

Black Dahlia Flower for Sadness

Black Dahlia Flower for Sadness

Have you ever seen black dahlias? They are not actually black. Instead, their petal has a very deep color of crimson which make them appear black. When it comes to meaning and symbolism, black dahlias are associated with sadness and betrayal.

These negative meanings make black dahlias are not suitable for a gift. But if you really want to express your sadness of betrayal, giving these blooms can speak louder.

Dahlia flower meaning in general includes diversity, new strength, love, and beauty. But each color holds special meaning, so you need to know the actual symbolism of each color.

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