Different Daisy Flower Meaning for Different Colors

Daisies are common garden flowers that can be easily found in the backyard. These blooms may be less flashy than roses and orchids but still they are attractive. During the Victorian era, daisy flower meaning is associated with loyalty and trust but today, the meanings vary based on the colors.

White Daisy Represents Innocence and Purity

White Daisy Represents Innocence and Purity

White daises are the most classic and may be the most familiar species. It features white petals with bright yellow center that looks modest and subtle. Although white daisies are the easiest to find, getting these blooms can really make your day.

The meaning of white daisies is just like most white flowers. These flowers represent purity and innocence with their fresh and bright-looking blooms. White daisies can be a perfect choice for wedding decoration, wedding flowers, and even flower bouquets.

If you are planning a spring or summer wedding, be sure to have classic daisies in your décor. You can also make your own bunch of white daisies to give it to your special one.

Pink Daisy Means Gentleness and Romance

Pink Daisy Means Gentleness and Romance

Pink always represents romance and love. Just like other pink flowers, pink daisy flower meaning is related to gentleness, love, and romance. That’s why giving a bouquet of pink daisy to the special one in your life is the best way to express your feeling. Additionally, pink daisies symbolize femininity.

These blooms look elegant and modest with soft pink petals. It also has bright yellow center that looks vibrant, allowing you to distinguish this flower species from mums and gerbera that come with similar appearance.

Orange Daisy Reflects Happiness and Warmth

Daisy flower meaning

Orange daisies look standout in outdoors and flower bouquets. Sending these blooms to your friends can cheer up those who receive it. This is one of the most joyful type of daisies, not to mention they are visually attractive to go alone or be paired with other flowers.

These blooms are characterized by vibrant orange color with a darker center. Orange daisy symbolizes warmth, joy, and happiness. It also represents friendship, so it can be a perfect alternative to give your friends a beautiful and affordable flower bouquet.

Blue Daisy Means Trust and Loyalty

Blue Daisy Means Trust and Loyalty

Blue daisy reflects trust and loyalty. This daisy flower meaning is deep, not surprisingly it is often used in a friendship and family relationship. Send a handful of blue daisies to your close friend or family and show how much you care about them.

These blooms are pretty rare and characterized by blue petals with yellow center. Some blue daisies have darker blue shade while the others may come with a softer hue. They are actually similar and belong to the daisy family.

Yellow Daisy Represents Friendship

Yellow Daisy Represents Friendship

Yellow daisy flower meaning is often associated with cheerfulness, friendship, and joy. These blooms are also known as the “get well soon” flower just like sunflower, so it can be a good decision to send this flower to your sick friend or family.

Yellow daisies are easy to notice in outdoors, thanks to their bright and vibrant color. Unlike gerbera that has dark brown center, daisy’s petals and center are yellow, which make them look standout among green leaves.

Red Daisy Symbolizes Love and Passion

Daisy flower meaning

If you feel daring, red daisies might represent your feeling. The bold red blooms look captivating, paired with yellow button in the center that makes it look more beautiful. Daisy flower meaning is quite similar to red flowers like roses and orchids.

The blooms symbolize love and passion, particularly deep and romantic love. It can be a perfect gift to someone you love or admire in a relationship. Sending a bunch of red daisies to the loved one can signify your passion and unconditional love.

In nature, red daisies are not as common as yellow daisies and they are often confused with red gerberas. While red gerberas have longer petals and red button in the center, red daisies are smaller in size and have a yellow center.

Purple Daisy Means Peace and Unity

Purple Daisy Means Peace and Unity

The color of purple daisy is mesmerizing with dark purple hues and sometimes lighter. Purple daisy flowers, similar to other daisies, have a yellow button in the center that make them easy to distinguish among other flowers with similar appearance.

These blooms signify peace and unity. They also represent spontaneity and fun, so you can give it to someone as a gift or as an apology present. Back in the Victorian era, purple daisies symbolized pride and royalty and this symbolism lasts until today.

Purple daisies are abundant in nature but they are often found in meadows and short grasslands. Their adaptive nature makes them thrive in wet and dry climates.

Daisies are small flowers that feature a yellow button in the center. These blooms have different varieties that affect their petal colors. Turns out different daisy colors cause difference in daisy flower meaning interpretation. For instance, white daisy represents purity while red daisy shows love.

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