What are The Different Parts of a Prefab Steel Building Kit?

The market size for prefabricated buildings in 2022 stands at 2.4 billion USD, with experts predicting that number to grow noticeably in the coming years. Since more businesses and people realize the benefits of these structures, they will continue to receive preference over traditional construction methods.

Prefab steel buildings are structures whose primary components are built by companies at their manufacturing plants. And once the company has completed building the primary components, they deliver it to a site decided beforehand by the customer.

Their appeal lies in their security, functionality, and aesthetics. From the outside, they are aesthetically pleasing to look at while offering the best protection against rodents, pests, and other destructive elements. Unlike concrete or wood, steel structures can withstand extreme weather conditions without damage.

Furthermore, steel buildings offer the advantage of scalability and flexibility of designs, allowing one to increase its size later or include particular design elements. Unlike other structures, it does not require columns, pillars, or other supporting structures in the interiors, thus permitting maximum use of the interior space.

What are some other things you should know about these structures? For example, what do prefab kits contain? Read on to find out.

Parts of a prefab steel building kit

different parts of a prefab steel building kit

A prefabricated steel building kit contains the components required to build a structure without requiring heavy machinery or involving high labor costs.

Here are some you can expect to find when you order a kit.

Framing system

Most prefab structures have a galvanized framing system to prevent rusting and increase efficiency. Galvanizing is a process in which an additional layer of zinc is applied to steel to prevent the onset of rusting. Zinc-coated primary and secondary components perform way better than paint primers.

Sidewall panels

Sidewall panels refer to components that support the sides of a structure. In prefabricated steel buildings, these run in a single segment without breaks, from the floor to the eaves (parts of the roof that meets and sticks out from the walls’ side).

These panels are available in various color options, with the paints for these having a siliconized polyester finish and substrate galvanized coating underneath it for further protection against rusting. Some companies also provide optional accessories with these, such as framed openings for windows, wall louvers, and service doors.

Roof panels

Prefabricated structures are usually made from 26-gauge steel that is high-tensile and can withstand a significant amount of strain and pressure without showing any signs of damage.

These refer to the parts which support the roof. Because these panels contain zinc or aluminum coating, they require little to no maintenance.

Some prefab companies offer purlin-bearing rib (PBR) roof panels, allowing for complete overlap and keeping out external elements such as dirt, debris, etc.

Gutter systems

Gutter systems are not a part of the primary components, but most companies let you order them as optional accessories.

It would be best if you considered having these for your buildings because they provide proper drainage for rain and snow, while the foam strips that come with them effectively control moisture.

Framed openings

Some kits contain framed openings consisting of jambs and door headers that enable the installation of overhead doors without requiring additional hardware or steel. You can also order small doors as accessories.


Things to know before ordering

prefab steel building kit

Before placing your order, you should ask the company if they have a warranty period for any framing components.

How would they deliver the kit, and who would be responsible for the offloading once it has reached the delivery site? Another question you should ask is whether these buildings meet code requirements and do they need a permit.

Prefab steel buildings are your best option when you are looking for maximum performance, efficiency, low maintenance, safety, and security. They come with the primary pre-built components, are easy to assemble, and look aesthetically pleasing.

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