7 Types of Window Treatments with Awesome Looks

GripElements.com – Window treatments refer to anything that will modify your window. It is a covering like shutters or shades that are going to amp up the look of your window. There are various types of window treatments everyone should know. Every single type comes with different functionality and an aesthetic look.

1. Roman Shades

types of window treatments for bedrooms

This first window treatment type consists of a continuous piece of fabric. It also features horizontal folds along the shade’s length. The folds of the shades lay flat against your window when you put them down. And they will fold up nicely when you raise them.

Roman shades combine the fabric drapery’s soft look with the shade’s functionality. People usually place this window treatment on the kitchen windows.

2. Window Shutters

pictures of different types of window treatments

The next types of window treatments are shutters. They are a classic option for window treatment. Window shutters are going to add an architectural design to the windows.

Window shutters are offering the best price for a custom window treatment. However, it will add value to the interior of your house.

Window shutters have an elegant design. The design looks super attractive from the outside and the inside of your house.

3. Wood Blinds

types of window treatments for living room

Those who want a classic option for their windows can consider wood blinds. They have the classic look and will last longer than styles or trends.

The material of wood blinds is real wood. With various stains and grains, wood blinds will be durable and offer a warm look to your interior.

4. Cellular Shades

types of window treatments for sliding glass doors

This window treatment is the best insulator of many energy-efficient window treatments. The insulating properties and the name of cellular shades come from the fabric honeycomb cells. Those cells trap the air between the room and the window. It is going to gain heat in the winter.

5. Woven Wood Shades

types of window treatments for privacy

The next types of window treatments are woven wood shades that come in various choices of materials. Some materials for this window treatment include bamboo, reeds, and grasses. The textured shades are going to add a natural and casual feel to your room.

To increase privacy, you can add liners or fabric trim. They will not only increase privacy but also customize the room at once.

6. Roller Shades

popular types of window treatments

Those who are looking for the most affordable window treatment should consider roller shades. The shades will roll up neatly onto the tube. This is going to bring a minimal look to your room. And it will also be discreet when you raise the window shade.

With light-filtering and blackout options, you can control the amount of light that will enter the room. It is going to give you the privacy as well.

7. Sheer Shades

different types of window treatments

Here comes the elegant window treatment for modern houses. When you open the vanes, the window treatment will let the diffused light inside. When you close it, the sheer shades will have room-darkening styles that will block out the light completely.

Many other types of window treatments are available. But the seven options above are the most famous ones. Make sure that you pick one that matches the interior of your house the most.

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