7 DIY Baby Clothes Storage Ideas

Having the little one means you have to prepare the storage for their clothes. Some baby clothes storage ideas below might give you inspiration, so your baby room looks clean and neat.

Check the best ones below.

Best Baby Clothes Storage Ideas

1. Storage at the corner

Storage at the corner

You might fill the empty space at the corner of your baby room. Putting a hung shelf which the bottom past is used to hang the pajamas.

The top part is used to put some accessories or some lanterns to make the room warmer. Add a single closet to put different colors or styles of clothes.

However, the baby clothes storage ideas can be the best idea if the room is spacious. This style might also invite mosquitoes since some clothes are put hanging outside the closet.

Make sure this organizer idea is safe, suitable for your climate. Open storage isn’t good for tropic and humid areas.

2. Closet with separate boxes

Closet with separate boxes

Baby clothes aren’t only their daily wear but also their socks, blanket, shoes, towel and etc. To arrange them all together, you need separate boxes.

If you have small spaces, this idea will help. The upper part is used to hang all the clothes, while the rest is for other wears. 

Separate boxes can be placed on the shelf in the closet. You can mix and match the color of the boxes to make them look aesthetic.

The box is a great way to organize many things, so it eases you to look for the item: for example, socks box, blanket box, shoe baskets, and etc.

3. Open closet

Baby Clothes Storage Ideas

If you have the idea to make storage without a closet, you can go with open closet style. It’s built on the wall like having a shelf.

However, the top shelf must be strong enough cause it’s used to hang the clothes. Under the shelf is a space to put some drawers and gather things by size.

4. Storage with extra hardware

Storage with extra hardware

hes storage ideas look cute and minimalist. The main part is used to hang the clothes, so it fits many pieces.

The bottom part is a transparent drawer to collect shoes. Another part is the box shelves next to the closet. You can put dolls and frames. This extra hardware can be found at IKEA.

5. Storage for jackets

Storage for jackets

A jacket is one of the important baby clothes. The size is bulky, so sometimes it doesn’t fit your closet.

You can optimize your wall to hang them by installing the shelf there. Gather all the jackets there with some baby toys on top to make it look nicer.

6. Drawers 

Drawers baby clothes


If you don’t have any hangers and love to fold the clothes, storage with drawers is your solution.

Drawers aren’t only found in the closet but also other items like a dresser. You can maximize the space by putting the folded clothes.

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7. Closet to hang on everything

Closet to hang on everything

Some people think that baby clothes are better to hang on than folded. So the clothes to hang all of them can be a good option.

One hanger can be used for more than one cloth, so it saves more space in the closet.

The best choice of baby clothes storage ideas will help you to maximize the space. As your little one grows big, you may buy more clothes for them.

Even though your nursery room is small, storage can make it not look overcrowded.

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