7 Clever Cookbook Storage Ideas

Cookbook Storage Ideas – Cooking for some people is a healing activity. Those who love cooking usually collect cookbooks to try a new recipe.

If you don’t have a proper place to put them, you’ll be hard to find them once you want to read them again. Here are some cookbook storage ideas for your beautiful kitchen.

Best Cookbook Storage Ideas

Floating shelf

Cookbook Storage Ideas

Having a small kitchen isn’t a reason to stop you from having cookbook storage. The great option to have one is floating shelf style.

It fits the minimalist concept of your kitchen. At first glance, people will consider it as a library at the corner of the kitchen.

The number of floating shelves can vary, depending on how many cookbooks you have. If it’s more than ten books, you can have two shelves.

The floating style is great if you place them in the corner of the kitchen. Make sure the books won’t fall and ruin the kitchen tools below them.

Narrow shelf

Narrow shelf cookbook storage

Do you have a narrow space between the wall and kitchen items like a cabinet or refrigerator? You can make it as a mini-library for all your cookbooks.

These cookbook storage ideas can maximize the space in your kitchen.

If you think it doesn’t fit any portable desk or shelf, you can make it as box shelves. The height for each box is measured based on the cookbook you have.

With a separate box shelf, the more cookbooks you can place there. The empty space can be used for other necessities.

Mini cabinet

Mini cabinet cookbook

Having a cabinet in the kitchen is very common, but what if the cabinet is empty? You can optimize its function by placing your cookbook collection in it.

The wooden cabinet with the door will protect the book from kitchen smoke. 

Wooden basket

Wooden basket storage

Too lazy to have a wall shelf for your cookbook? You can have a wooden basket and place it on the countertop.

This is the easiest style, and you can have the farm concept with faded paint. However, this option might lessen the space unless your countertop is spacious.

Special storage

Special cookbook storage

Some kitchen enthusiasts might have special storage for their kitchen. It’s not only for the seasoning and cooking material but also the cookbook.

However, the cookbook must be arranged well and separately. It prevents the damage of books because of food contamination.

Wall Shelf

Wall Shelf cookbook

If you think that the kitchen wall should be maximized, consider having a wall shelf.

It’s not only to put your cookbook but also other items like kitchen utensils, pots, and etc. The rack style is very common to beautify your kitchen. Make sure it’s strong to lift all the items up.

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The sack bag

sack bag storage ideas

An aesthetic sack bag is usually found in the pantry to put all the cookbooks. This idea is the easiest since you can move it everywhere or portable.

There are many styles of sack bags you can find at the shops like IKEA with different sizes and also colors of the bag.

These cookbook storage ideas above are the simplest yet beautiful for the kitchen, especially if yours is minimalist. The narrow space is still able to have one.

Maximize the function between items and also the wall, so you can put the cookbook closed to you when you’re cooking.

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