7 DIY Headphone Stand Ideas for Neater Arrangement

If you are confused of where to put your precious headphone, here are 7 DIY headphone stand ideas that will help you with better and proper storage management. On the contrary to what people believe, you don’t actually need to spend a fortune for the stand.

Some of these stuff are even from recycled matters so you can really make whatever available around the house and keep the headphone in the safest manner. So, what are your options?

An Old Telephone

Old Telephone

If you have the old-school and traditional telephone (the landline, that is, not the digital one), don’t just throw it away.

You can easily remove the cord and the speaker pieces and use the basic phone as the stand. And voila! Your headphone is safe and sound, and you can be sure that the basic platform is solid.

However, this way only works if you only have one headphone. Well, you can also use it for several headphones, but it means that you need to have several old telephones for the platform.

The Action Figures

Action Figures

Do you have collections of action figures? Maybe some of them are pretty big and wide, enough as a stand. You can place your headphones there, just like what happens to this Spiderman figure.

In fact, using your (big and wide) action figures as the headphone platform is one of the oldest tricks in 7 DIY headphone stand ideas. Be sure to choose the tall and big figures.

It would also be better if you can choose the ones that you no longer use anymore so you won’t have to display your action figures along with the headphones on the display shelves.

The Paper Clip

Paper Clip

If you don’t have the budgets, materials, or any other resources, no need to worry. You can always use the paperclip to hang the headphone.

Yes, the regular paper clip that you can easily find in the stationery section. Another cool thing is that you can make use of the empty space on the edges of your desk.

Choose the big ones and figure out how to manage and position each of the clip so it can support the headphone. Mind you, though, that this is applicable for one headphone only – unless you create several platforms for several headphones.

PVC and Wood

pvc and wood

If you are pretty handy with the toolbox – and you are used to some cutting, painting, and gluing, you may like this stand from the PVC pipes and wood. It is pretty simple, really. You only need to use a simple rectangular wood as the base and manage the PVC pipes like a bar.

To create a more modern look, you can paint the pipes in black. You can also paint the wood in black – or other colors, it is up to you.

This is one of the simplest 7 DIY headphone stand ideas that can be used for several headphones. What if you replace the PVC with metals? Be my guest!

An Old Doorknob

Old Doorknob

If you have an unused doorknob, why not making it useful and handy? You can easily remove the part from the old door and use it to hang the headphones. Placing the doorknob doesn’t need tricky management and arrangement.

You can attach it to an unused wood and use it as a wall decor. You can attach it to the side area of a shelf or even at the back of your new door. Trust me, this kind of hanger is super handy and useful. You can even paint it to look newer and fresher if you want to.

Under the Desk Hook

desk hook

You can always find different kinds of hooks easily at the home improvement stores. Find one that can be easily installed and attached under the table.

These kinds of hooks are pretty easy to install on your own without any skill or special tool. Just make sure that you choose the one that is sturdy and solid.

Don’t forget to consider the strength and sturdiness of your desk too. You should also calculate the length of the hook so your headphone can fit just perfectly.

The Unused Bottles

Unused Bottles

If you have unused bottles, especially those with different shapes, sized, and height, you can have this headphone stand. Use a shorter but wider bottle as the base while the taller one can be placed in a reversed position.

Fill in the sand on the shorter bottle and make sure that the neck of the taller bottle is buried deep inside the sand.

If you don’t use sand, you can glue the neck together. You can leave it just like that and use it for the headphone. But if you want to decorate the bottle, feel free to do so too.

Those are your options for the headphone hanger. Which of these 7 DIY headphone stand ideas you like the most?

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