7 DVD Storage Ideas with Unique Appeal

There are 7 DVD storage ideas that can help you in many ways. It can help you with the efficient and smart storage while improving the aesthetic appeal of the room. A lot of homeowners are often worried and confused about the proper but easy storage management and safe-keeping of the DVDs.

If you want to spend an extra time and efforts, they can actually make their own storage. Some of them may require unused items and simple tool while the others may require a more complex DIY process.

Underneath the Sofa or Coffee Table

Underneath the sofa

If you don’t really have enough space to spare, no need to worry – you can still keep your DVD and manage them neatly. These underneath storage compartments can seriously save you a lot of space.

You can build the storage underneath the coffee table or the sofa. If you have a lot of DVD collections, you can build these storage compartments on those pieces of furniture. You can manage an easy sliding compartment for easy access. The compartments can be easily divided into sections to make arrangement and management easier.

An Old Shutter

Old Shutter

Have you ever noticed how the slats on the shutters can be functional and handy? Well, if you want to store the DVD, make use of the old shutter and you can really have a fun time!

You can paint the shutter in any way you like it and just lead it on an empty spot –preferably the one that is close to the TV or home theater section.

The slats are perfect to keep the DVDs in such a smart way. Not to mention that you can also know which movie or music that you are keeping.

If you don’t have the space, consider about cutting it in a half and then hang them. When you hang s them, you don’t need to prepare a special floor space. This is one of the simplest and inexpensive 7 DVD storage ideas to have at home.

Floating Shelves

floating shelves

If you don’t have a lot of space, installing the floating shelves is the most effective way to save your DVDs. Even with very limited space, you can dedicate a wall to install the shelves.

The good thing about the shelves is that they won’t make the wall look cramped or too much. The floating manner creates a free and open construction that also helps with the interior decor. You can choose whatever materials for the shelves – thick plastics, glass, wood, and even metal.

Old Crates or Boxes

crates or boxes

If you have unused boxes or crates, you can turn them into handy compartments for the DVDs. You can smooth them out and paint them to make them look more appealing and attractive. And then you can hang them on the wall.

Make sure that the brackets or the hangers are strong and solid so the crates (or boxes) can hang steadily and safely on the wall. In the event that you don’t want to hang them, you can always stack them. However, hanging is the best solution when you have limited space and room.

Hidden Drawers

hidden drawers

If you have a TV cabinet, you can manage hidden drawers that can be located on the sides or the bottom side of the cabinet.

These drawers have a slide-out mechanism that you can easily pull out whenever you want to access the DVDs. This is one simple example of the 7 DVD storage ideas to do at any home.

Boxes with Lids

boxes with lids

If you have storage boxes with the closing lids, especially the clear ones that can help you see through the lids to know the contents, then use them as the storage compartments. But in case you don’t have them, you can repurpose old shoe boxes.

Just use the boxes like it to store the DVDs. But if you want to make it more attractive, you can cover the boxes with colorful and attractive paper wraps. Don’t forget to label each box based on the genre of the DVDs.

If you are creative, you can even create your own holes to help you view the contents and find out the categories of the DVDs. This is another idea for the 7 DVD storage ideas that can be highly functional.

Fake Wall Cabinet

wall cabinet

This kind of arrangement is great when your living room or your TV room is next to another room – like a bedroom or a home office. The fake wall cabinet is actually the door but it also functions as the storage area for the DVDs.

You can manage better storage while making your interior decor look cool and unique. Imagine when you have to entertain guests. They will definitely go ‘wow’ when you open or close the door!

There you are, some of the unique ideas that will spark the interior aspect of your house. Try one of these 7 DVD storage ideas and enjoy the result!

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