12 Inspirational DIY Picture Frame Ideas, Making Yours Like Never Before!

DIY Picture Frame Ideas – The very first thing you notice on entering a room gives a lot of impressions. Be it in a home, office building or church. Pictures, photos, and wall hangings have always been displayed since time immemorial either as part of the décor or in some instances to pass some information.

Having family photos displayed in the living room is one of the things you will never miss in any house whether traditional or modern. It may range from typical family photos to a collection of arts.

But wait a minute! Have you ever thought of the designs of the frames that hold your pictures day in day out? Are you aware that there are unique designs for the picture frames that can help make a room look vibrant?

If you are abstract and love artistic designs, you may like to try out something different from the norm. Putting a picture in a frame and covering it with glass is not only enough; you need to display your cherished memories beautifully.

Framed pictures hanging on the walls around the house are interesting. Some are so inspiring that they make you reconsider your home decor. It is not a must that you go for the expensive frames, but you can create your designs.

When it comes to doing it yourself, no expertise is required as long as you have the necessary materials and some creativity.

Such projects you can do by yourself and customize them in any way you wish. The DIY designs are unique depending on your level of creativity and the materials at your disposal.

Below are some of the DIY picture frames ideas that you can put into action.

Paint-dipped frame

dipped frame

Gold is one color that many people love because of the warmth associated with it. Can you picture out a photo frame dipped in gold color? It will definitely be attracting and appealing to the eyes.

A paint dipped picture frame is a simple frame design to make. You just need to put a picture in a frame and cover it with glass. Next, you take a tape and, divide the frame into two then paint over the frame and glass.

Cover up one of the two sections. Remove the tape and leave the paint to dry. The glass protects the photo and the finished ` frame brings out a beautiful artistic design

Striped picture frame

stripped frame

Are you seriously obsessed with stripes? Or do you want to incorporate a little more black in your room? A black and white DIY picture frame is here to help you meet your desires.

Stripes are lovely and so comfortable to work with. A combination of black and white usually reminds us of the beautiful zebra.

You are however free to choose any color combination for you picture frames depending your taste. As long as you are in possession of acrylic paint, a foam paintbrush, and a painter’s tape, you can continue with the project.

Rustic crap frame

rustic frame

Picture frames look similar everywhere you go. For a different look altogether; you can display your photos on picture frame made of scrap wood. It sounds old-fashioned, but scrap wood picture frames can bring a difference to your home décor.

Get some pieces of wood not in use and cut to the desired sizes. Attach the photos to them using thumbtacks, and you’re good to go.

Wood Picture Frame

wood frame

It is true that framed artwork may be expensive, but this should not be because you can make it right from the comfort of your home. You will require some wood boards, molding, nails, wood glue, wood filler and possibly wood stain or paint.

Start by measuring the size of the photo or photos you want to frame and mark your cuts using the carpenter square.

Ensure the angles meet at 45 degrees for the mitered corners to line up well. Paint the flat corner braces if you wish to lay the pieces to make your frame.

Use spray adhesive to stick your photo to a part of foam core board. You can always customize the frame as you desire. Attach frame hanging hardware and finally, put it on the wall.


stick frame

To those people who do not know the real meaning of art, Stick frame wood may look so old-fashioned. But to the lovers of artwork, this is a very great piece of work because of the artistic value that comes with it.

You might think that making this frame requires a lot of skills in woodwork. But no, it doesn’t, you can do it so well. You just need a saw, sticks of the same size, glue gun and glue stick.

Saw the sticks to make a close 45 degree cut. Ensure the sticks are well cut such that it will be easy to attach to each other. Next, use glue to assemble the frame. Finally, attach the photo on the back of the frame using the glue stick.

Colored pencils frames

colored pencils

If you like colorful and playful designs, then a picture frame with decorations using cloured pencils is something you must try.

You can turn an old set of colored pencils into an excellent new picture frame. Get the box of the colored pencils, and group the pencils. Long pencils will be for the top and bottom part of the frame. The shorter pencils for the sides or vice versa.

To have a nice random combination, alternate the colors. Attach the pencils on to the frame using glue. It’s so simple even for the kids to make and the result so amazing.

Mosaic picture frame

mosaic frame

Some activities are straightforward such that even kids can perform with a lot of ease. For a mosaic picture frame design, it is even more comfortable with the young ones. Other than just doing it for fun, they will also get a chance to show off their artistic skills.

You require a piece of cardboard, glue, tape, acrylic paint in assorted colors and paint brushes. You start by cutting a piece of cardboard slightly larger than the image or photo. You then paint the frame and if possible, apply a top coat using mod podge for a sleek finish.

The next step is to divide the mosaic tiles into smaller pieces and paint them. Finally, stick them on the frame around the photo. Give it time to set and dry completely.

Alternatively, if you or any other family member happen to break a piece of glass or pottery; you can give it a new life on a frame. To make a mosaic picture frame, you require cardboard, old cups or plates (something to smash), glue, paint and paint brushes.
Alternatively, if you or any other family member happen to break a piece of glass or pottery; you can give it a new life on a frame. To make a mosaic picture frame, you require cardboard, old cups or plates (something to smash), glue, paint and paint brushes.

At the cardboard mark the desired size. Next, place the broken pieces in the glue then lay them on the cardboard. Once the frame is covered, allow everything to set up for some time. Use a moist sponge to wipe out the glue.

Whatever option you go for, the end product will be a unique mosaic picture frame.

Egg box frame

egg frame

Do you love eating eggs? Do you know that you can make use of the egg cartons as well? Are you aware that the egg cartons can be used to create rose flowers?

You can make rose flowers from the egg cartons you are no longer using. If you want to add some pomp and color to your dull, plain picture frame, some DIY flowers will add some spark to the frame. It is the perfect way to go. You will need egg cartons, glue, plain mirror, frame mirror and scissors

It sounds weird, but just try it out, and you’ll realize how such a simple project will give fantastic results. You will love it.

Two-toned frame

two-toned frame

You can accomplish great and beautiful things if you have some spray paint at home. One of the best ways is to use the paint to come up with a two-toned picture frame.

You can personalize the frame so that it stands out uniquely in a room. You will need a plain frame, painters tape and spray paint in two separate colors. Start by dividing the frame into two sections and then cover the interior edges.

Proceed to paint the two parts in two different colors of your choice. You can use the colors already in the room, or you can use this chance to bring in a new set of colors to the home décor.

Wall hanging frame

Wall hanging frame

Wall hanging frames is the commonly used type of frame either as part of home décor or in any other buildings and offices as well.

It’s a technique often used when hanging maps or posters. If you have large picture or photos that are oversize, the standard picture frames may not work for you.You will, therefore, have to look for a different alternative.

A simple way to go about it is to attach some thin pieces of wood at the top and at the bottom of the picture to enable you to hang it straight.

Cut the wood, sand and stain it and then ensure that they are secure at the top and bottom. Fit in the image between the woods using nails

Clothespin frame

Clothespin frame

As its name suggests, clothespin store is a simple picture frame to make. You just need to attach the pictures to blocks of wood using clips or pins.

Find some scrap pieces of wood, cut them such that they’re just a bit bigger than the photos or picture and then paint them. You can also cover them with scrapbook paper or fabric. Finally, attach a clip to each block of wood.

A dowel piece can as well work to make a support that holds the picture for you to be able to display it on a shelf or a table.

Fabric picture frames

fabric frame

Fabric scraps lying around at home can make fantastic fabric picture frames. It is a relatively simple project. All you need is a plain picture frame, some scrap pieces of fabric and glue.

You can play around with different colors of fabric. Mix the colors to bring out a unique color combination then use the glue to stick the materials all around the frame.

Framed Wire Display

wire frame

Something about older day’s picture frames makes them a bit formal. Most of the traditional styles that don’t suit areas like the bedroom or contemporary modern and interior decors in general.

What can you do in such a situation? Well, you never have to give up on the idea of personalizing the room with pictures. Instead, you can search for more casual alternatives, like this sizeable DIY frame made of chicken wire instead of the usually used cardboard.

The photos are displayed using wooden clothespins. Much as it is a photo display, it is not a picture frame, but it serves the purpose of holding pictures for viewing.

DIY picture frames just require a little bit of creativity and trying out different designs and materials. No magic is needed.

Your pictures should no longer be hanged on expensive and boring frames, yet you can have simple locally made but beautiful picture frame designs. A little more practice is needed.

If you put into practice the ideas mentioned above, you will be in a position to come up with a variety of picture frame designs. Let people notice the difference in your home décor, you never know, you may inspire them to try out the ideas.

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