8 DIY Tips on Setting Up an Effective Study Space at Home

Why is working or studying at home so difficult for some people? Why does office space usually help concentrate better? And, for God’s sake, why do we have so many distractions at home that we can’t work at all?

That’s mostly because we perceive our homes as places where we have a rest. We see our houses as shelters where we do everything except work. Therefore, we work much better in offices and educational institutions, and at home we want to buy custom essay and forget about all the homework or work routine.

Yet, it’s not impossible. The pandemic has shown that people can remain productive even if they choose a remote mode. The best thing you can do to help yourself adjust is to arrange a space that will help you concentrate on your studies.

We asked qualified essay helpers from Essay Hub to tell us what we should do to set up a perfect study room at home. Most of them work from home, so they are the best experts to seek advice from. Here we go!

Pick a Place Where You’ll Be Isolated

To think properly, you need to focus. To focus, you need to minimize distractions. If you have a big house, try to find a room where you’ll feel comfortable and isolated. Comfort and quiet are very important for productive and effective studies.

If you don’t have a separate room for this, you can organize a study space inside your bedroom. The only condition is to set it up as far from your bed as possible. Otherwise, you may give in to the temptation to lay down and sleep.

Try to Have Natural Light

DIY Tips on Setting Up an Effective Study Space at Home

Natural light facilitates learning. If you have an opportunity to set up a room full of light and fresh air for your studying, this is the best option.

Artificial light is okay when it’s dark outside. Yet, if you need to study days and nights, make sure your place has enough natural light. Our brain maximizes its capability when it is stimulated by natural light.  

Recreate Your Previous Study Environment

Studying is effective if we build associations. For example, one may suddenly remember things that were hard to memorize when looking at certain objects or recollecting associations or memories.

Create those memories by decorating your space with the same objects you used to have before you started studying at home. Build an environment that will remind you of your previous place. You’ll see, the effect is magical.

Arrange White Noise

If you are used to hearing some sounds when you study, you need to arrange it inside your study place as well. Yet, we encourage you to refrain from choosing the music of your favorite bands. Instead, opt for white noise rather than well-known songs and melodies.

White noise helps to block other distractors. It’s not about enjoying the music. It’s about creating an environment where all other noises are so dim that they can’t ruin your concentration.

Buy Some Plants


To help yourself study more productively at home, buy some houseplants that can improve air quality. Also, having something green inside your study room helps make the whole place more serene.

A plant can also make your study room more peaceful. At the same time, it doesn’t create any distraction while making it easier to breathe.

Supply Enough Stationary

Do not let little things affect your concentration. Make a list of the stationery you’ll need when studying before you get to your study place.

Think of it: you finally arranged a place for yourself and got ready to study when you found out that you don’t have enough paper or a pen. Disappointing? We bet.

That’s why you should buy everything you may need before you start studying. Buy things you really like to help yourself enjoy your studying process.

Keep Your Notifications Quiet

Make sure you are not bombarded with notifications while you are studying. Your study space is a zone free from mobile notifications.

Whenever you receive something on your phone, you get distracted. Even if you don’t read the message, you still lose your concentration.

Now imagine if you get a new message every few minutes. You need to regain your focus over and over again, which takes time.

Store Books and Install Equipment

If you want to ensure that you can focus on your studies, make sure you have everything you need in your safe haven.

If you need to type, make sure you have a computer. If you need to print something, ensure you have office equipment needed for this.

When it comes to books, take care of this before you start studying. It’s better to think about training materials in advance to have enough resources when you finally get to study.


Whether you can study at home or not depends merely on you. It’s in your power to make the place absolutely fit for studying.

Just be a bit creative, make a list of things that help you get in the right mood, and set up a room for yourself.

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