Do Dethatching Lawn Mower Blades Work?

Most people think that dethatching lawn mower blades are always working to clean the lawn. So, do dethatching lawn mower blades work?

The information below helps to answer the best time to use lawnmower blades and when not to use them.

Cleaning a Small Garden Using Dethatching Lawn Mower Blades

Cleaning a small garden using dethatching lawn mower blades looks simpler and faster. The truth is that this device is ineffective.

Cleaning a ½ inch lawn using a rake and by hand is more effective than using lawnmower blades. How about if you have over half an inch garden at home? A power rake is a better option.    

The Reason Why Dethatching Lawn Mower Blades is Ineffective

Some experts explain that dethatching using lawn mower blades is not the best one. It is because the design of these blades is different compared to regular mowing blades.

What you need are flat mowing blades that can slice through the grass. Thatch is so tough. The mechanical process of the lawnmower blades is not suitable for slicing the thatches.

This machine uses long metal spikes that spin around in circles. The faster the spinning process, the deeper the digging result, but it needs more power. 

Using a mower blades machine with maximum power makes it burn out. As a result, the machine will suddenly stop working. Another problem with using this machine is that it also harms healthy grass. 

The Way to Mow Thatches Using Lawn Mower Blades

Now, you know the answer, do dethatching lawn mower blades work. How about if you still want to mow the thatches using lawnmower blades? Yes, you can do it with some requirements. For example, you have to let the lawn dry. 

Don’t water the lawn until it is completely dry. Adjusting the tine clearance is crucial in this process. Ensure that the tine clearance is ¼ or ½ inch.

The machine will dig dirt if the tine clearance is too low. On the other hand, the machine doesn’t cut the thatches if it is too high. 

Start to dethatch your lawn and check the grass catcher. You should lower the tine clearance if the catcher only gets soil.

Repeat the process to get the best setting where the machine can dethatch. Remember to use earbuds and any protective gear before mowing the lawn. 

Watering the lawn if it is too hard to mow. Your lawn looks so terrible after this process. Because of that, grow new grass there and take care of them well. Use the right fertilizer and water the lawn regularly to get your beautiful lawn back. 

Dethatching using lawn mower blades is not recommended due to the risks. Even if you can get rid of the thatches, it makes your lawn look horrible.

The manual dethatching process with a rake may take time and energy but it is safer for your lawn.

Give this information to your friends if asking do dethatching lawn mower blades work to help them get the best decision before dethatching their lawn.

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