Guide to Make Mulch from Lawn Clipping Grass

Do lawn clippings make good mulch? This question often comes up to anyone who loves gardening. Mulch is important for our plants.

And, sometimes, it is difficult to make it. So, we often have that question when we look at the many clipped weeds available in our yard. This article will help you to find the answer to that. Let’s start!

Can We Use Lawn Clipping for Mulch?

The answer is yes, you can use the lawn clipping for mulch. Moreover, the grass mulch is one of the best choices you can use.

The grass can add extra nutrients that are lost through plant growth. The amount is quite a lot, 25% of lost nutrients. Furthermore, if you use it in compost, it gives you an even better result.

How Do You Make Mulch from Grass Clippings?

Here are several simple steps you can use to make mulch from lawn clipping grass.

1. Examine the lawn clippings

Make sure you choose only grass that is suitable for mulch. Some grass types might not be suitable for making mulch.

For example, the grass with seed heads will grow on top of the planter where you put the mulch. When that happens, this seed will absorb the nutrients and kill the plants. Choose only grass blades.

2. Collecting the grass

Let the grass or weed grow more. Do not use weed killers to deal with it. If you use a lawnmower, make sure you put the grass bag to collect the grass.

3. Dry the grass

Before you use it as mulch, make sure you let it dry. Spread it in the garden and wait to dry it a bit. After that, you can spread it on the planter where you want to use the mulch on. Make a 2 inches thick layer to get the maximum result.

Things to Remember

The best way to dry the clipped grass is by using sunlight. It will dry naturally. If you can’t do that, you can always use a plastic bag and store it in a dry place. Use the lighting or lamps if necessary to accelerate the drying process.

If you found out that the grass you are going to cut is too wet, you should stop using it for making mulch. Wet grass is difficult to dry. Moreover, if you keep using it as mulch, it will cause mold and start decomposing.

This condition is not only bad for your plant. But, you who live near the garden where you use the mulch also have a risk of having a respiratory health problem.


So, whenever you use a lawnmower for your yard, do not throw away the grass. It still has many usages, and one of them is mulch. Moreover, if you can store the mulch made of grass clipping properly, it can even last for a year.

So, do lawn clippings make good mulch? Yes, it can and has many benefits, including helping you save more money for your garden mulch.

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