How Do I Pick a Good Roofer?

When your roof starts giving you problems, if you have recently experienced a severe weather event, or if you have a leak, you want the right roofer to do the job and get it fixed.

However, if this is your first time dealing with a roofing issue, you may not have a reliable roofer on call and may be unsure how to find the right roofer for the job. If so, Roofing By Elite has some tips on how to find a roofer that will do the right job for you.

Ask Your Neighbors and Friends

If you live in a gated community or HOA, they may be able to tell you who has done a job there in the past and whether it is someone they would recommend. Otherwise, friends and family members may have recently hired a roofing contractor and may also be able to provide you with reliable references.

Once you have some recommendations, look for reviews online and on sites such as the Better Business Bureau. This may help you narrow down the field to 2 or 3 candidates.

Schedule an interview with each one of them and ask them if they are licensed and insured, what experience they have with issues similar to yours, what their timeline would be to resolve your roofing problem, and how much they would charge.

You may also get referrals from recent clients for whom they have done work and ask them if it is possible to ask them about their experience. Ultimately, your decision on whom to hire may not necessarily come down to price but other factors.

What qualifications should you look for in a roofing contractor?

Generally, roofers must meet the criteria of their municipality. Check whether the roofer you are considering hiring is in the list of your state’s directories before hiring anyone. Also, look for a roofer that:

  • Is experienced
  • Is licensed in your geographical location
  • Carries insurance
  • Is bonded
  • Is willing to give you some references
  • Will give you an estimate in writing

What services do roofing contractors offer?

It is useful to know what services a roofer can provide before deciding to hire one. You may have to be sure that your issue is not related to the home’s structure or anything else that may be outside the roofers’ scope of experience. Here is a list of projects that roofers usually tackle:

  • Roofing inspections to diagnose the issue and determine whether there are leaks or damage.
  • Preventive roof maintenance
  • Roof repair.
  • Installation or replacement of an entire roof.
  • Weatherproofing and insulation.
  • Snow and ice removal.
  • Painting, treating, or sealing wood or metal roofs.
  • Roof cleaning to remove moss, algae, mildew, debris, and more.

A roofer may also clean, repair, or install gutters and may also provide siding and window services. It may be worth it for you to have the roof and gutters cleaned at the same time.

Is it better to hire an independent roofing contractor or a roofing company?

Both an independent roofer and a roofing company are good options. However, when making the right decision, you may want to study the pros and cons they offer.

If the project you need is small, an independent roofer may be able to do the job quickly, but if the job is too large, a single individual may take too long to complete the entire roof. On the other hand, you may like how this roofer works and establish a closer, longer-term relationship with them.

A large roofing company may be able to finish the roof faster and have their work covered by manufacturer’s warranties or offer a discount or free consultation.

They may also have the right roofer with experience with the material and type of roof that you have now or the one that you are interested in installing. However, you may feel frustrated any time there is an issue or delay, and you get a different person on the phone.

Get All Your Questions Answered Before Hiring a Roofer

You can never ask too many questions before hiring someone to do a job as important as fixing your roof. From ensuring that they will provide everything in writing to ensuring that they will leave the area clean and free of debris, any question is valid.

Have them give you a clear timeline, tell you whether they will do the job themselves or get sub-contractors, what measures they will take to protect your home, how payments will work, or anything else that is on your mind.

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