Do Lawn Seed Blankets Work Effectively for Your Yard?

Lawn seed blankets are now seen as a popular alternative to directly scattering grass seeds onto the ground. They are not only simple but also can help avoid the lawn from growing in clumps.

In this way, you can have a yard with a nice uniform lawn. Some people also suggest that grass seed germination blankets are also a perfect option if soil erosion often occurs in your yard.

Are Grass Seed Blankets Really Effective?

So, do lawn seed blankets work well for your yard? Well, it is pretty hard to assure yourself that the grass seeds will not end up with bald patches and clumps when you scatter them directly onto the earth.

The seed will instantly strangle each other if grass seeds with a too-dense patch start to germinate. This is how the lawn seed blankets will be beneficial the most for the purpose.

The seed blankets will provide you with a nicer and more uniform approach since they can spread out the seeds neatly.

The blankets enable you to keep the seeds in place safely. In this way, the seeds won’t be easily washed up even by rain. The blankets can also help you to keep away the seeds from the birds, avoiding the creatures eating them.

If you have dogs at home, the blankets can also prevent the pets from digging the seeds. Furthermore, lawn seed blankets can also lock in the perfect amount of moisture needed by the grass to germinate properly.

Do lawn seed blankets work best for a yard? Well, there are still other big advantages that you need to know about the seed blankets. You need to keep in mind that it can be quite challenging to grow weeds around the new grass.

This is because the weeds tend to like tilled soil. The weeds also often require regular watering to grow well. Using the grass seed germination blankets will make it possible for you to avoid the weeds from taking benefits from these unfortunate conditions.

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Cons of Grass Seed Blankets

Despite many great advantages, you can get from the grass seed blankets, some downsides are also known to come with them. One of the biggest disadvantages about the blankets is that they can cause you increased cost when it comes to the installation process.

Though a pack of grass seeds usually costs very little, there are only limited options of seed types that you can choose for your yard.

You also need to bear in mind that not all grass blankets available in the market come with pre-seeded. However, you can still purchase “bare” blankets for the yard. These blankets can help you cover the planted seeds effectively.

Not only that but they can also allow you to create a perfect environment for the seeds to germinate and grow properly. If these “bare blankets” are your go-to option for your yard, you need to make sure that you use your hands to sow the grass seeds evenly and carefully.

Also, you need to enrich the soil where the seeds will be spread out with suitable fertilizer before using the blankets.

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