Do Tree Roots Ever Stop Growing? Check the Facts Below

Some people ask, do tree roots ever stop growing? They often ask for it after cutting down an old tree and having difficulty handling the roots. So, would the roots be dead after cutting down the tree? Check the facts below to know the answer.

The Condition of Roots after Cutting Down the Tree

Tree roots keep growing as long as a tree is still alive. One of the fascinating facts is that tree roots can keep growing for over seven years even after you cut the tree down.

Interestingly, they even produce root sprouts and suckers to stay alive and survive. The tree roots will keep growing as long as they get nutrients.

The Way Roots Get Nutrients without a Tree

Roots get nutrients from the photosynthesis process. It involves the role of the leaves. So, how they can grow without a tree and leaves? The magical part is that a wounded tree will start to grow new leaves.

As the leaves grow well, the tree can start the photosynthesis process. It means that this tree gets the nutrients they need, including the roots. During this process, you will see root sprout or root sucker grow. It is known as the tiny clones of the tree.

Types of Trees That Can and Can’t Produce Root Sprouts

After knowing the answer do tree roots ever stop growing, selecting the right tree to grow becomes a crucial thing. You should know the types of trees that can and can’t produce root sprouts. Willows, poplars, elms, and some olive trees are an example of a tree that can produce root sprouts.

It means that their roots can grow back even after you cut the tree down. Pines, aspens, oaks, maples, and palms will die after you cut the tree down even if there are still leftover roots on the ground.

So, choose trees that can’t produce root sprouts if it is only contemporary or you have a plan to do something with the area.

An Effective Method to Stop Tree Roots from Growing

So, is there any effective method to stop tree roots from growing? The most effective way to stop tree roots from growing is by chopping down a tree and removing all parts of it. Indeed, you should dig the ground and remove all the roots that potentially can produce root sprouts.

If it is too hard to do alone, you can seek help from an expert arborist. They know how to handle the stump and root system effectively.

This trick can be a bit costly but it keeps the area free from root problems in the future. Applying a specific chemical product to kill the tree and its roots is another alternative to prevent roots from growing their root sprouts.


So, do tree roots ever stop growing? It depends on the trees you plan. Some trees can regrow when there are leftover roots on the ground.

They will grow root sprouts and regrow after a few weeks or years. Removing all the roots is one of the effective ways to stop the roots from growing.

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