Downsizing And Moving? Make It as Stressless As Possible!

Moving is something that most Americans will do at one time or another. “On average, an American will move almost 12 times throughout their life.” While some people will move to a bigger home to accommodate a growing family, others will look to downsize.

This could be to save money, or simply because you longer need or want more space. Unfortunately, downsizing can be a stressful time.

Many of us have too much stuff, many of which we don’t need or use. The average American household has around 300,000 things, of which many do nothing except collecting dust.

While we have too much, many find it difficult and stressful to downsize and get rid of them.

Not only that, but you are leaving behind the old memories when you downsize and move to a new home. All of this can lead to a lot of stress, which only makes moving harder.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. This article is going to go over some tips to make your downsize and move as stressless as possible.

Get to Know the Place You’re Moving

The first thing is to get to know the place you are moving, and how much space you have. If you know where you will be living before you downsize, you will have a good idea of just how much you need to downsize.

You should be sure to measure the space, and compare that to the number of things you have, and their size.

This is great for deciding if your furniture should make the trip, or if you will need to get rid of it. Also, it’s simply just a good idea to get to know the area you’re moving in general to as well.

Thankfully, the internet makes this easy. For example, this official blog can be a lifesaver for those moving to Florida.

Take Inventory of Your Stuff and Whether You Need it All

Take Inventory of Your Stuff

When you are thinking about downsizing, there is a very good chance you will need to get rid of some things.

To know what you can get rid of and what should be kept, you need to take inventory of everything you have. This ranges from clothing to kitchen items, to electronics and everything in between.

In general, it is smart, to begin with, the keepers. This part is all about choosing things you have to keep. It could be clothing you always wear, the gear you use, or family heirlooms.

Once those are all out of the way, it is time to tackle everything else.

It can be difficult to get rid of things, but it is an instrumental part of downsizing. We recommend you only keep things you may actually need.

If you have an item or piece of clothing you haven’t used or worn in a very long time, it likely doesn’t need to be kept.

Also, do your best to cut down on redundancies. If you have several items that perform a similar task, you probably won’t need to keep them all.

Donate or Sell Things You Don’t Need

Donate or Sell Things You Don’t Need

A good way to feel better about getting rid of some items is to donate them. If you simply toss items in the trash when downsizing, it is common to feel a little sad or wasteful.

But if you donate these items, you can feel good knowing that the items you don’t need are going to help those in need. There are several ways you can donate your items, so it is a very easy process.

You could also decide to sell them. While certain things may not have value, others will certainly be able to fetch you a few dollars in a private sale.

All of this can help you feel better about getting rid of old things, as they either went to those in need or provided you a bit more money to help pay for the move.

Get Some Help

You can hire professional movers

Sometimes, the most stressful part of a downsize or move is that it can seem very daunting. There is a lot to do, and if you are moving on your own, it is all up to you.

If you want to bring the stress levels down, consider asking your friends or family members for help. They could either simply help you with the move, or even with downsizing/choosing what to get rid of.

This can make the whole process a little less intense. Sometimes, having someone with you can also help you stop from holding onto items you don’t need.

Having a second opinion is always welcome in these kinds of situations. Also, you could hire professional movers who could take a lot of the work off of your plate, as well.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has helped you learn some great ways to reduce the stress associated with downsizing and moving.

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