7 Pros and Cons of Solar Energy To Make Your Own Decision

Speaking about solar energy, there are always pros and cons of solar energy you’ll hear. Some people say solar energy is for the hippies.

Some others believe solar energy is too expensive and today we need alternatives that are less expensive than solar energy.

The others say solar energy will never work. Don’t take the negative statements without knowing the truth, especially about the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

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The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy Everyone Should Know

Solar energy is actually a proven technology. In 1954, there was a PV silicon cell that’s able to convert the energy from the sun into power.

The power could run some electrical equipment. In 1983, the production of PV around the world exceeded 21 megawatts.

What other pros and some cons of solar energy do you better know? Check out the details below.

1. Pro: solar energy works in various climates

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Solar panels can work in a more efficient way in some colder temperatures. It is because the excessive heat is able to reduce the output voltage.

Exposure to direct sun for more hours will help the solar system in generating more electricity. So this energy works in warmer and colder climates.

2. Pro: solar energy is much more affordable

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Between 2016 and 2017, solar system prices experienced a decrease. Its cost dropped up to 9% and its prices keep declining.

Even in so many markets around the world, solar power becomes less expensive compared to conventional energy. If you need to save money, solar energy is your solution.

3. Pro: solar energy benefits the entire electricity grid

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The excess of solar energy is a good thing. It can be used by the grid of conventional utility and to reduce the burden on the whole grid.

In some countries, the solar owners are compensated for the contribution via feed-in tariffs. It happens in some countries in Europe and in Japan.

4. Pro: solar energy panels have a longer lifespan

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Solar energy panels are durable and able to withstand even many weather conditions that are harsh. Even the impact of any hail up to one inch.

However, you need to find quality panels that are able to withstand the worst conditions, not any random panels.

5. Con: solar energy doesn’t work at night

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As long as there is sun in the sky, you can count on the solar energy system.

But once the sun disappears, your solar households will automatically rely on the utility grids in order to get power. You still have to prepare the conventional grid.

6. Con: solar energy panels don’t look attractive

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Many solar energy panels have boring and unattractive designs that will ruin the beauty of your house. But you can outsmart this problem by getting solar energy panels that have minimalist design.

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7. Con: solar energy system doesn’t work on all buildings

Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

Solar doesn’t work on all buildings. It works depending on the roof and shading orientation. You need to have lots of roof space which gets lots of sunshine to use solar energy panels.

Based on the pros and cons of solar energy above, can you make the best decision about the solar energy panels?

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