7 Dual Monitor Computer Desk Setup Ideas

Having an additional screen is always nice. How could it not? It certainly makes multitasking a lot easier, which is great for those who must multitask for their job. Need inspiration for your dual monitor computer desk setup?

Read our list of ideas below and you should get an idea of how your desk should look like.

Why Use Dual Monitors?

Before we get further, let’s talk about why you want to use dual monitors. Why use two instead of one? Well, because there are many advantages to using two monitors.

For example, if you have dual monitors, you can use run multiple applications simultaneously. If it is for working, dual monitors make it easy to compare between files, watching instructional videos, and so on. On top of it all, dual monitors are easy to use.

1. Slim and Minimalist

minimalist dual computer desk design

How you should adjust your desk largely depends on what you want to do with it. For example, if it is for work, a slim and minimalist desk like this is ideal.

It doesn’t take up too much space while at the same time, allow you to work comfortably.

2. Wide Dual Monitor Computer Desk

Best Wide Dual Monitor Computer Desk

For your gaming needs, you will need a wide desk. A wide dual monitor desk, like this one here, gives you the best gaming experience.

Not to mention it allows you to put everything on the table. Quite literally. That means setting up things will be easy.

3. Regular Size Desk for Regular Size Monitors

Regular Size Monitors

What if you don’t need large screens? In that case, a regular size desk will be more than enough.

Notice how this desk is enough for two regular-sized screens, speakers, a keyboard, and other items. If you don’t need many items, a regular size table should suffice.

4. Back to Back

best computer desk ideas

Have a narrow desk? Instead of placing your monitors side by side, place them back to back.

The laptop is in the front while the larger one is on the back. This way, you save space while still able to enjoy the benefit of a dual monitor setup.

5. Different Monitors for Different Needs

stunning dual monitor ideas

Some of us need don’t need a wide dual monitor computer desk. This is especially true for those who are not looking to create a gaming setup.

In that case, you can work around a narrow desk with a mounted vertical monitor.

6. Mount It Up

Mount dual computer desk setup

This is another mounting solution. This one is not limited to narrow desks, of course.

Rather than placing your monitors side by side, place a monitor (preferably the bigger one) above the other. A very efficient way to make use of limited space.

7. Give Yourself Plenty of Space

diy dual computer desk ideas

If you have the means for it, there is no reason to shy away from a full-size computer desk. Choose one that has plenty legroom so it is comfortable to sit in for hours.

Want to make it even better? Mount the monitors so they appear “floating.”

What do you think? Feeling inspired yet? When it comes to a dual monitor computer desk, choose one based on your needs and available space.

Having a good dual monitor setup makes a lot of things easier and more enjoyable, whatever your activity is.

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