7+ Editorial-worthy Entry Table Ideas Designed with Every Style

Entry Table Ideas – What is an entry table? If you own a company or an office, an entry table is very important. It gives the guests a first impression on what your furniture looks like, plus the concept of your interior design.

The moment they enter the lobby or walk into an entrance, they can see one. Sometimes, that entry table also stands next to a receptionist’s table. In some cases, an entry table in the company or at any office also serves a purpose to place decks of business cards where people can snatch for free.

Surely, you have seen some office buildings that are like that. That table makes the guests feel welcomed, so this is why you need some entry table ideas.

What about houses to live in or an apartment? To some people, having an entry table may not cross their minds. What for? They do not own an office or a company.

Besides, if they live in an apartment or a small house, that piece of furniture might take some space in the entrance. In some houses with a front porch, they put an entry table on the porch instead of the inside.

However, the purpose it serves becomes very different. The residents often prefer using it as just another table to relax while sitting outdoor.

In other words, it is no longer called an entry table.

Many big houses have entry tables at the entrance, so that is why their owners check out entry table ideas. This does not mean this idea is impossible for an apartment or a small house too.

In fact, having an entry table has other benefits besides giving the guests an idea of what your entire furniture might look like and welcoming them.

An entry table can be for a place for a bowl on top of it. The bowl is used as a place to put your keys and other things too.

You can even drop your mails there if the postman sends something that is not for you but someone else at your house. With an entry table like that, you will not have to worry about where to put those things.

Although it is rare nowadays (thanks to mobile phones and other digital gadgets), some people still leave post-it messages on the entry table on their way out. Perhaps you can do that too.

However, you also need to choose the right entry table for the entrance of your house. An entrance is like a lobby in the office. It is the place where people enter and exit the house.

The last thing that you need is to have a big entry table getting in the way. Besides considering the right size, you also need to place it right against the wall or on one of the corners of the lobby. That way, you keep the centre clear and leave enough space for people to come and go.

There are various shapes and sizes when it comes to entry table ideas. Whether it is round, square, rectangular, oval, or even any other shape you can think of, it is not the only factor to consider.

You should also check the size of the entrance at where you live. To be more precise, here are the steps that you should do before purchasing an entry table:

You should measure the size of the entrance. Pick a spot where you decide to put the entry table. Create an imaginary space to help you to decide on a table. The size must be correct.

Then, choose the entry table based on your favourite style and the concept of the interior design. Remember, this table will always be the first piece of furniture every guest looks at the moment they enter your house or apartment.

Make sure that the entry table of your choice matches the entire furniture at home. Not only it has to look good, it has to be functional tool.

After that, start searching for the right entry table. This is where you have to be more patient. There are many entry table ideas, but you only need one for your house. If you think you find one that is most suitable, do not forget to check the price and your budget too. You will know when you find it.

Without further ado, here are some of the entry table ideas that you can consider. Happy hunting.

1. White and grey for the simplicity you can see everyday.

entryt able

2. The round, entry table to save some space and avoid serious injuries after a bump (especially for little children).

best table

3. An unfinished idea with organic materials: rustic and rugs, anyone?

unfinished entry table

4. Long and black-shaded to save some space…by placing it against the wall.

long entry table

5. An elegant entry table…appropriately placed in the centre of the entrance.

elegant entry table

6. A round trestle table…for those who think outside the box.

round trestle table

7. Something chic and traditional for an entry table…still placed right there in the centre.

chic entry table

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