Tips For Designing The Perfect Home Office

Technological advancement and innovations are dramatically changing the way people work and accomplish tasks. The work from home set up is rapidly increasing and changing the traditional way of creating output.

However, this shift to remote working calls for the importance of a productive, functional, and comfortable work-from-home environment.

When appropriately designed, home offices allow people to work more efficiently without sacrificing the comfort of being at home.

What you need is a conducive environment that strikes a perfect balance between function and beauty.

Following these tips, with a few tweaks here and there, you can transform any room and create that optimal workspace within the comforts of your home.

Location is Key

An essential part in deciding on a location to set up shop is considering the nature of your work and your working style.

To work efficiently, identify a room or a space where you’re most likely to focus. Set up in a quiet spot where you’re less likely to get interrupted. 

A well-defined area that allows you to separate your home office from the hustle and bustle of your household is an essential factor to be considered.

Your home office need not be a whole room as long as you can concentrate and be productive in that space. Comfort is also a key factor because you’ll most likely spend hours working in your workspace. 

The idea is to delineate office space within your home so that at the end of a day’s work, you should be able to leave your office and transition into your personal home life to rest and relax.

Currently, there are several options to help achieve a conducive work environment at home, including a “shoffice” (shed and office), or even relocatable homes, and the like. 

For more information, check out these relocatable homes in Australia.

Let Some Light In

Lighting changes the mood of a room. And for your home office, nothing beats natural light. Setting up your office near a window connects you with the outside. Letting in that natural daylight creates ambient lighting and gives the room a welcoming vibe.

Natural light is a great way to help you feel more energized and active throughout the day. It also enables you to get sufficient vitamin D levels, allowing you to stay in a good mood and improve your sleep. 

Aside from its health benefits, thanks to natural lighting, you can reduce your energy consumption because there is little need for artificial lighting in your home office.

Opt For Ergonomic Features

Invest in ergonomic features for your office that emphasizes your health and overall well-being. Choose a desk that’s wide enough for your laptop or computer and anything else necessary to do your work, like taking notes or sorting your files.

Ideally, your desk should be 48″ (120cm) wide, at a minimum. Your desk shouldn’t be too high – 28″-30″ (70-75cm) is an acceptable range. 

Select a good-quality chair that is comfortable and adjustable that supports your lower back.

You can match your office chair with the rest of the room’s furniture rather than using a typical office chair, so long as it’s at the right height. Your neck and back will thank you. 

Invest in pieces of furniture that are both beautiful and functional. They should help complement the room without sacrificing comfort. Remember, your desks and shelves should serve you, not the other way around.

Think Better In Color

Colors have a certain psychological impact on people. Choosing the right colors on the walls and furniture can affect your mood and productivity every time you enter a room.

Generally, light and airy colors like sky blue or botanical green are preferred for a home office. These colors, as well as off-white and other earthy tones, can help promote focus and productivity.

Lean towards pastel shades and avoid distracting darker colors as they may keep you from working efficiently.

Make It Personal

A good thing about working from home is that YOU get to decide how you want your home office to look and feel.

You can personalize and accessorize your workspace with things that inspire you and make you feel productive. Adding a personal touch like a favorite plant or picture of your loved one can inspire you while working and put you in a better mood.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Many home offices aren’t abundant in square footage, so it’s crucial to use space efficiently. Considering your workflow, you can organize vertically and horizontally to keep your desk tidy.

Maximize storage space by hanging floating shelves on the walls and minimize clutter. 

Make use of smart storage solutions to help you keep everything you need nearby without looking like a total mess.

The way you organize your home offices affects your mood and overall productivity, so it is essential to create a space you want to be in rather than have to be in.

Add A Vision Board

Consider putting up a vision board to inspire you to remind you of your goals to help you keep going.

Cover a corkboard with paper and pin pictures of quotes and a list of goals to keep you motivated, especially on a tough day.

Working from home brings with it a new set of challenges; however, with a well-designed home office, you can achieve productivity without sacrificing quality and comfort. Consider these seven tips in creating an optimal work-from-home setup.

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