Everything You Know About Flooded Basement Clean-Up

A flooded basement clean-up is one of the most difficult problems in home maintenance. If you see water piling up underground, whether it’s an inch or a foot, it’s likely to lead to a sinking sensation while leaving you completely confused as to what to do next.

Unfortunately, flood damage is the largest disaster, according to the National Flood Insurance Program, so flood damage repair companies have experience dealing with flooded basements. Whether because of a burst pipe, a leak in the foundation, or a natural disaster, you can still clean a flooded basement.

Valuable items such as books and photo albums may be irreversibly damaged by water, but floors can be replaced and furniture can often be salvaged.

Cleaning a flooded basement requires safety measures, patience, diligence, and in many cases professional help, but it can be successful.

Who Do You Call To Do Flooded Basement Clean-Up

Who Do You Call To Do Flooded Basement Clean-Up

Depending on the severity of the flood, you need to call in a few pros to stop the leak, keep your basement safe, and prevent further damage.

1. Plumber

If there is only less water in the basement, your biggest concern is to locate and repair the leak. A plumber’s help is needed if the pipe is broken or the water heater is leaking.

Leaky foundations, windows or low openings near water sources require construction support to be repaired to prevent future flooding.

2. Electrician

An electrician may not be the first homeowner to consider repairing a flooded basement. But if water gets high enough to reach electrical wiring or an outlet, it’s important to contact an electrician to assess and repair the damage. Homeowners should turn off the power before entering the water to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Outlets or cords exposed to water will probably need to be replaced or repaired. An electrician will inspect the damage and make any necessary repairs.

If the water extinguishes the pilot lamp on the appliance, it is recommended that you contact your gas company and cut off the gas supply immediately.

3. Submersion Repair Service

If you have significant water damage to your carpets or walls from water that has been left unattended for an extended period of time, you can hire one of the best water damage restoration services. Underground flood repairs can include the need for unexpected services such as mold repairs and minor construction.

Flood restoration services experience in flooded basements clean-up, helping to remove water and repair damage. Investigating the damage and removing the water is difficult, but leaving it to the professionals can take the stress and pressure out of the daunting task.

This can be especially taxing as you may be dealing with damaged items that are sentimental and valuable.

The Cost of Cleaning A Flooded Basement

Flooded Basement Clean-Up

When the flooding of the basement is over, it won’t take long for the damage to not be repaired. This makes cleaning the water frustrating and expensive. In addition to repairs, homeowners can expect to pay to eliminate water damage.

The average cost of a flooded basement clean-up ranges from $2,000 to $7,000 and an average of $4,000. No two basement floors are the same, and the cost varies greatly depending on the type and severity of damage.

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