7 Best Types of Basement Floor Drains Today

GripElements.com – There are various types of basement floor drains. As you already know that drains are usually located at the lowest point in the basement, and often under the floor. That’s why you need to pay close attention to the placement of drains properly.

This is so you don’t make the wrong choice. For those of you who consider aesthetics, of course, you have to be careful so that the building still looks good. Maybe you can see some of the following basement floor drains references.

French Drains

how to maintain basement floor drains

French Drains are the best option for basement floor drains. This type of drainage has the form of a perforated pipe that is installed on the perimeter. When water collects on the basement floor, the pipes will collect it and carry it a few meters away to the sump pump.

Curtain Drains

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The next types of basement floor drains is a curtain drains. These drains are also located on the inside, under the basement slab.

They are similar to French drains but are installed about 2 feet below the plate. The ditch for this drain is made at a slight angle and filled with gravel to prevent flooding.

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Exterior Drain Tile

do basement floor drains have traps

This drain system is installed on the outer surface of the foundation. The way it works is by removing the collected water and running it down your drain.

For this type of drain, the contractor will dig a small trench around your house. This drain is also widely used by people.

Interior Drain Tile

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The interior drain tile system is installed under or above the concrete slab in the basement.

They can also be installed right on the edge of the slab, so in most cases the floor will have to be removed to install this type of drain. This drain works by directing water to the sump pump through a well.

Sump Pump

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Most homes have a sump pump in their basement, especially those in the eastern US (an area that is prone to harsher winter conditions).

The sump pump is a drainage system that prevents flooding in the basement. This tool works by draining groundwater from it through drainage pipes.

Box Drains

basement floor drains in old houses

Another types of basement floor drains is box drains. Box drains can be used in sewer or groundwater systems. Box drains are the most common type of floor drain.

They are square or round in shape with a grate on top of the box that can hold water under the floor until it can flow through the pipes.

Baseboard Drains

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Baseboard drains are often found in the basements of old houses or in homes that have experienced flooding. This is because the house needs more drainage options.

These drains collect water and channel it into pipes within the baseboard itself and out through an outlet pipe often near a corner.

There are indeed so many types of basement floor drains. You have to choose it properly before applying it to your home. Choose the best and certainly can give a beautiful feel to the basement of your residence. Don’t make the wrong choice.

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