Flooded Crawl Space: What You Need to Do

Flooded crawl space problems can cause permanent damage to your home’s floors, sagging floors, mold, and unpleasant odors if not addressed. Additionally, stagnant water and excess moisture in crawl spaces create ideal breeding grounds for common crawl space pests such as mold, mice, rats, and termites.

Over time, the cost of repairing a damaged home and the health risks to you and your family can accumulate.

Common Flooded Crawl Space Problems

The most common causes of flooded crawl space are:

  • Wastewater problems: Wastewater problems are caused by inadequate wastewater gutters or paper gutters, improper grading of the site, or window defects if the crawl space floods during heavy rain. It has potential.
  • Submersible Pump: Missing, faulty, improperly installed, or improperly elevated submersible pumps can cause groundwater to infiltrate the crawl space.
  • Cracked: Even with proper systems in place to prevent flooding of the crawl space, water and extra moisture get in from the cracked ground.
  • Damaged or leaking pipes: Leaking water pipes can also cause flooding in crawl spaces. If your home has old pipes, the risk of flooding your crawl space increases significantly.
  • Sewer Backup: A clogged sewer line or immersion in a septic tank can lock up your crawl space and pose a health risk.

Crawl Space Flood Solutions

Crawl Space Flood Solutions

After determining the cause of the crawl space flooding problem, evaluate the appropriate solution.  There are a few things you can fix on your own to prevent overfilling your crawl space in the future, but you may need the help of an experienced professional.

Solving Wastewater Problems

The flutes and side grooves are specifically designed to keep excess rainwater away from the house. Check if the drain system is clogged, damaged or not directing the water flow in the right direction.

Wetland Pump

Flooded Crawl Space

It is recommended to install a suitable drain pump, especially if the crawl space is frequently flooded. If your crawl space already has a drain pump, make sure it is functioning properly and installed correctly.

It is recommended that proper installation, inspection, and repair of crawler drain pumps be performed by trained professionals.

Cracked Foundation

It’s a good idea to check your foundation frequently, because even a small crack can cause water ingress and other major problems. If you find a crack, have it repaired by a professional immediately to avoid flooding the crawl space and causing serious damage to other property.

Broken Or Leaking Tubing

Broken Or Leaking Tubing

Water pipes carry water to different parts of the house. Old, worn-out pipes, pipes exposed to extreme temperatures, and improperly sealed pipes can fail.

Damage to your home can be extensive if crawl spaces are flooded from broken pipes and leaks, and utility bills can run through your roof.

Ask a professional to check your water pipes. Repair or replace tubing that is in danger of failure or is already leaking.

Wastewater Backup

Sometimes heavy rains can flood the sewage system. If large amounts of water try to pass through the septic system at one time, sewage can back up through the drainpipe. Also, a clogged sewer pipe can be discharged from the drain pipe as well.

Backing up of sewage can lead to crawl space contamination, serious water damage and health problems.  If you believe a rotting system may be behind a flooded crawl space, it’s important to contact a professional to fix it right away.

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