7 Clever Garage Bike Storage Ideas to Optimize Your Garage Space

Garage Bike Storage Ideas – Keeping things organized and tidy in the garage can be challenging, especially so if you have multiple bikes in it. Well, we are here to help you.

We listed 7 garage bike storage ideas below. From a floor rack, vertical DIY storage to the pulley system, our ideas can help you optimize your garage space.

1. Indoor Floor Rack

Indoor Floor Rack

Let’s start with the basics. Using an indoor floor rack is definitely not a bad idea. Particularly if you have room for it. A floor rack makes it easy to organize your bikes.

Instead of putting your bikes anywhere in the garage, pick a designated spot on the garage for the rack. It could be a corner, just beside the wall or near the garage entrance. 

2. Vertical Wall Rack

Vertical Bike Wall Rack

What if you need the floor space of your garage for something else? Try storing your bikes vertically.

You can do this by using a vertical wall rack like the above. Using the vertical rack, you can occupy a space that can only be occupied by a single bike if placed horizontally with two bikes. 

3. Wall Mount Rack

Wall Mount Rack Bike

This one shares the same idea as the previous one. The difference is that the bikes are stored on the wall-mounted rack. 

They are off the ground, freeing space underneath while utilizing space that is otherwise underutilized. If your garage wall is already occupied, install the rack near the corner.

4. DIY Vertical Storage with Hooks

Vertical Storage with Hooks

Need something to do for your DIY project? Why not make vertical storage for your bikes? This one doesn’t take much to make.

You need several wooden boards and hooks. Simply install the hooks on the boards then the boards on the wall. And voila! Clever storage for your bikes. Need storage for your biking-related stuff? Make a small cabinet on the side of the rack.

5. Garage Bike Storage Ideas: Horizontal Hanger

Garage Bike Storage Ideas

If you are looking for a quick solution, just get a wall-mounted hanger like this. This is practical, easy to use, and doesn’t eat up much space.

Not to mention it creates less visual clutter, too. All you need to store a bike is to lift it slightly and lock it in the hanger. 

6. Ceiling Storage for Small Spaces

Ceiling Storage for Small Spaces

One of the best ways to optimize your garage space is to utilize the ceiling. The ceiling is often unused.

So, why not use it as storage for your bikes? It is a clever solution if you have small spaces to work with and/or the floor and walls have been occupied already. 

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7. Pulley System

create a pulley system

Have heavy bikes? That’s not an issue. Instead of storing your bikes on the wall mount rack, hanger or hooking them on the ceiling, create a pulley system.

This way, you can store your bike up on the ceiling while not tiring yourself out each and every time you store your bikes.

As our garage bike storage ideas above have shown you, there are various ways to optimize the garage space.

Keeping things organized and tidy will make your garage looks good. Not to mention it can be fun too if you go the DIY way or use the pulley system.

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