Want to Build Your Own Garage Gym? Check Out These 7 Garage Gym Ideas

Garage Gym Ideas – Working out is not equal to going to the gym. Sure, the gym has the necessary equipment for workouts. But you can always do it at home too.

Don’t have the room for it? Why not transform your garage into your personal home gym? Our garage gym ideas below can inspire you on how to make one.

Garage Gym Ideas to Help You Build a Gym in Your Garage

1. Start with the Basics

Basics garage gym

By basics, we mean getting core equipment like a bench, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, bumper plates, rack, and a weight storage/tree.

If you have small space and/or you are on a budget, starting with the basics will suffice.

Can you add more? Of course. But if you are just starting working out, better keep things simple. You can always add more equipment to the setup later on. 

2. Use Flooring

garage gym floor

The standard is to cover your floor with 3/4-inch thick mats.

The mats will reduce soften unplanned falls or landings, reduce wear and tear on your equipment, as well as decrease reverb from the barbell, which you certainly don’t want to flow into your home.

If the garage is with the car, flooring also works as a visual separator. It makes things in the garage look neat and tidy.

3. Safety First

Safety gym room

The next on our garage gym ideas list is to always keep safety in mind. Never compromise in this.

Make sure that your pull bar is installed properly and can support your weight. Get a rack with safety pins, and so on.

The main goal is to make yourself healthier, not to get an injury. Only go DIY on things that make sense. For example, water ball, sandbag, battle rope, barbell holder, and the likes.

4. Optimize Floor Space

Optimize Gym Floor Space

Is it possible to have a fully stocked gym in a single-car garage? Yes, but that means you to increase as much floor space as you can. 

That means you need to clean your garage from items you don’t, parking the car in the driveway so that you don’t need to divide one half for the car and another for the gym, renting a storage pod for your items, and so on.

Basically, anything that gives you as much floor space as possible.

5. Choose the Rig Carefully

Choose the Rig Carefully

This depends on two things: your workout goals and optimizing the space.

For example, if there is only a small room left, a wall-mounted or retractable rack will be the best option. Have more space to work with? Consider a free-standing rig.

6. Get a 2-in-1 Equipment

Equipment for gym room

Getting 2-in-1 pieces of equipment goes a long way for a garage gym. This gets you the most value for your money as well as saving space.

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7. Make Sure It Is Well-lit

lighting for gym room

What lighting is ideal for your garage gym depends on your personal situation. Just make sure that it is well-lit and comfortable for you to work out in.

Those are our garage gym ideas. Having a garage gym provides you with flexibility.

Not to mention there is absolutely no need to leave the privacy or comfort of your house, too. You can work out whenever you want. No gym membership is required.

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