How to Make Perfect Lighting on a Makeup Mirror?

Whether you’re getting ready in the morning or ‘unready’ at night, you need a soothing and ambient environment. However, most importantly, you need good lighting that will allow you to get an accurate reflection of what you’re doing.

Generic light bulbs can be unflattering at best, which makes them highly impractical. A lighted vanity mirror is always ideal to achieve that perfect application. Here’s a guide on how to make perfect lighting on a makeup mirror!

Why should you have lighting control on Makeup Mirror?

How to Make Lighting on a Makeup Mirror?

The quality of lighting can make or break a photo. Not only that, it can make a world of difference between good and bad makeup application. Most bathrooms have incandescent light bulbs that give off that typical warm yellow shade.

This can alter the way you view makeup products on your skin versus how those colors will look outside. The truth is, the generic light bulbs we all have in our bathrooms are so different from natural light.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering why your makeup looks immaculate at home but terrible outside.

Your makeup skills are not to be blamed, nor the products that you use. Your lighting is definitely the culprit! Day makeup is often light and has a more natural approach to it.

So, when you’re getting ready in the morning, you need brighter lighting for the best color matching. On the other hand, when you’re getting ready to go out at night, your makeup look will be more colorful.

So you need a more delicate light to help you achieve that vibrant and bold look. Before we jump into how you can gain proper control over your lighting, let’s discuss the lighting mistakes to avoid.

Lighting mistakes to avoid

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Fluorescent light: Fluorescent lighting is by far the most unforgiving light. It’s incredibly unflattering and it drains your face out of all color. To overcompensate for the lack of color, this can cause you to overdo it with the blush, bronzer, and foundation.
Yellow light: Yellow light has a tendency to emphasize your dark circles and discoloration. It also makes you look really tired and even sick. As a result, you end up overpacking the powder and concealer.
Pink light: While pink light can be flattering, it can also cause you to omit steps in your makeup routine. Because it makes you look flushed, healthy, and glowing, you will most likely miss some spots or blemishes.
Downlighting: this type of lighting tends to put your wrinkles and under-eye bags on the spot. Not only does this instantly age you but it also makes your face look droopy and sagging.

How to get perfect control over lighting on a makeup mirror?

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You most likely get ready in your bedroom vanity or using the mirror in your bathroom. So altering your lighting depending on whether it’s daytime or nighttime can be a challenge.

Thankfully, you don’t have to buy different bulbs with different shades and try them all out.

The cutting edge technology of LED mirrors allows you complete lighting control. This is an essential feature to have when you’re shifting between different looks.

The versatility in lighting will allow you the more creative freedom to do different styles of makeup.

Not only that but you also get to choose the brightness, the shade, and the color of your LED lighting.

A makeup mirror with lights will solve all of your color match problems. It also allows you to get a more accurate depiction of what your makeup will look like in natural sunlight.

To avoid any shade mishaps, you can dim the light or increase the brightness as you go.

Moreover, a mirror with an LED frosted strip or a backlit one completely eliminates down lighting. This means no awkward shades cast on your face from different angles.

Unlike the typical light bulbs which you would find mounted on top of the mirror or on the side, these mirrors cover LED frosted strips all around the border of the mirror.

In addition to that, you also get to adjust how cold-toned or warm-toned you want your lighting to be. This is a great feature to utilize to set the ambiance you want in a given space.

LED Mirror Options

Both backlit mirrors and mirrors with frosted strips have their sets of advantages. For one, they use LED lighting, which is as close as you can get to natural sunlight.

In addition to that, LED light is more eco-friendly and lasts a lot longer than other light bulbs. It’s also energy-efficient and cost-effective, which makes it well worth the investment.

1. LED-backlit Mirror

LED-backlit Mirror Ideas

The LEDs in this mirror are usually behind the mirror, which gives for a more subtle yet illuminated look. This also explains where this mirror gets its name from.

2. LED Mirror with Frosted Strip

LED Mirror Ideas

This mirror comes with a frosted strip that frames the sides. Because the lighting goes around the mirror, it accentuates this item as a focus piece on its own.

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