25+ Uniquely Awesome Garage Lighting Ideas to Inspire You

Garage Lighting Ideas – People need some garage lighting ideas for their own garage more than they know. It’s one of the functional and productive rooms in a house. A garage can be used not only for parking but also so many others like doing projects and workshops. That becomes the reason why a garage should be lighted properly.

When the garage is properly lighted, then everything you are doing it would be effective. You need to keep the lighting in the garage as comfortable as possible. Natural light is the key to energize the room.

If you use your garage a lot, then you must concern about its lighting. You’re probably using it as a workspace. So, the best lighting would be the overhead one. It can also be supported by the track lighting in order to brighten up the garage.

You have to decide the garage lighting ideas you are about to have, according to its use. Here are some recommended ideas that possibly would turn your old garage into a more effective and efficient one.

Smart Garage Lighting Ideas Combined with Checkered Floor

lighting ideas for a garage

This garage’s got the perfect amount of lights. It’s ideal if you use the garage as a workspace. Although space is small, the efficiency of space is perfect. It’s only suitable for one car and one bike.

There’s only one garage door that is only fit for one car only. The concept of lighting really matches the need of the building concept. A garage design doesn’t have to be boring, the designer adds red color on the floor to accentuate the combination.


  • The floor design is really the highlight of this garage design. It makes it less boring in the atmosphere. The lighting also helps to maintain the brightness.


  • Checkered design for the floor in the garage may have been so outdated. The white part of the floor would be easy to look dirty.

Garage Lighting Ideas with Orange Wall

lighting ideas for a garage

With some tube lights, you can install the lighting almost anywhere. Just like they did in this garage. It’s got some lights on the ceiling. What entertain the most is the ones that are attached to the lower wall.

That lighting really supports whatever you are doing there. Also, the orange color on the wall offers an energetic atmosphere into the workshop. I guess that’s what you intend to have in this garage, a workspace.


  • The orange wall color shines brighter because of the lightings. This is a clever design for the lighting. It shows us that a lighting doesn’t have to be always above our head.


  • This lighting concept might be unsafe for kids. The risk of being stunned by the electricity is higher.

Silver Grey Garage Lighting Ideas

best garage lighting ideas

We got it, the central attention of this garage is the silver cabinet. The designer really knows what to do. He applied some spot lightings to illuminate the cabinet.

It really brings character into the garage design. The silver cabinet offers a nice blurred reflection to everything facing it.

Not only artificial lights, this garage has enough natural light that comes inside. During the day, you don’t need to turn on a lot of lightings to light up the garage.

So, I guess this design would be friendly to your budget. One of the elements that let natural lighting in is that door.


  • This color combination for a garage is so flexible. When you bring items with other colors, they would get along really well.


  • Some of the material that is made in that cabinet is silver. As we know, silver furniture is not cheap. Some of them could be expensive. Mind your budget.

Garage Lighting Ideas with Red Cabinet

garage workshop lighting ideas

Red and black combination never gets old. It seems like the best color you can make in a garage. Generally, people who are into an automotive world recognize the design color. Red and black combination is the color of one brand for a car.

The portion of the cabinet is enough to maintain the workspace equipment. It’s got a large space to handle more than one car, I guess. Check out the lighting, it’s got some very bright lightings that help you to maintain the light.

There’s also some LED lighting under the upper cabinet, making the red and black cabinet looks so strong in this garage.


  • Letting the red and black overcome the dominations of neutral colors would be a smart move for the designer.


  • The design of cabinet has too many doors to open. You could face a hard time looking for something behind that doors.

Perfect Brightness in Garage Lighting Ideas

inside garage lighting ideas

This luxurious garage is located in the basement with the access from the front of the house. As you can see, the lighting of the garage is really bright.

It seems like you can see what’s inside from far away. It looks like the space is quite large and suitable for more than one vehicle.

But, it’s not designed as a workspace. It’s only the place to park your car well. This well-designed garage is not just about the indoor lighting but also outdoor.

Right in front of the garage, it’s got some yellow dimmed lights. It’s also applied all over the house front.

Some final tips that could take your garage lighting in perfection would be necessary at this point. You’ll need to consider some areas that need specific lighting types like storage station or workbench. Plan the lightings you are about to apply according to your budget.


  • For a parking spot, this garage offers a complete experience for your car. The design is simple and the lighting is just perfect.


  • For a workspace, you have to think about remodeling. You must arrange the car based on the intensity of the use. If you use one car most, you may need to park it the closest to the garage door.


Planning a perfect garage light should be based on the activity you have in it. If you only have a garage to park your car, then you won’t need to consider some specific lighting concept.

If your garage is also functioned as a workspace, then you need to consider some of those garage lighting ideas above.

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