20+ Creative Grey Bathroom Ideas to Inspire You; Let’s Look at Your Options

Grey Bathroom Ideas – Applying grey bathroom ideas in your own bathroom can be a stylish choice you’ve made for your house. If you don’t believe it, you may wanna read the whole thing on this page because you’ll see for yourself that a grey can change everything.

Grey is a delightful tone just like any neutral color. The great thing about the grey bathroom, it can wash out a room in the right way. You’ll need to choose the right shade of grey for your bathroom. Then, you can know exactly the works of the light inside it.

Grey bathroom would never get old. Some people might think that it was too old. Well, Grey color can be really soothing when you pair it with the right colors.

In order to prevent the monotonous look, have an accent color that would be a good company for the grey. You can layer grey in your bathroom to be having a calming effect or extra punch addition for a standout look.

Here are some grey bathroom ideas for you to consider. I’m pretty sure all of them are inspirational enough for you.

Grey Bathroom Ideas with Soft Beach Style

grey bathroom renovation ideas

The first idea is designed for you who are looking for a soft and traditional look for a bathroom. The designer of this bathroom chose a pale grey as the main shade. It looks flawless and clean. There are some other colors that accentuate the room.

The windswept beiges, soft gold, and navy blues are there to support the pale grey wall to make a statement in this small room. The traditional style in this bathroom gets strengthen by the accessories such as that retro faucet in brushed nickel.

Well, who says a pale gray looks boring? As you can see, it doesn’t look boring at all. I guess the designer of this bathroom is smart enough to bring out the matching decorations that support the color combination and atmosphere.


  • Having the closet right beside the big window is a clever move. I guess anything inside this bathroom is in the right place.


  • The whole decoration looks perfect, the only thing that doesn’t deserve to be there is that whale accessory. It decreases the value and cleanliness of this bathroom.

Bathroom Ideas with Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Grey

grey small bathroom designs

It can be the sweetest grey shade you can have in a bathroom. Imagine, what feelings that this bathroom could give to the atmosphere.

The grey shade that is used by this bathroom is originally from the collection of Benjamin Moore’s. It’s their unique Chelsea grey.

This color shade is ideal for bathroom and some other rooms that need to be soothing. This elegant would prevent the room to be too heavy. Adding some touches of color on the wall is highly recommended.

You can have the wall art and flowers to offer some more joy and flair into the room. The highlight of this bathroom is definitely the mirror design.

It’s the filigreed frame mirror which is perfect to be the focal point of the bathroom. It makes the bathroom become more interesting to the eye.


  • Definitely, the filigreed frame mirror which is the centerpiece that adds decorative spark and visual interest.


  • Because the lack of color variety in this bathroom, making it a little bit boring.

Contemporary Grey Bathroom Ideas

grey granite bathroom ideas

Everything about this bathroom design is contemporary. So, if you are in love with anything contemporary, this is the ideal design for your bathroom. It’s got stark geometric shapes that represent the whole contemporary pattern.

The flourish theme in the decoration is minimal. The concept is all about the lines in grey color and also keeping it simple. The only thing that gives a little soul into this contemporary style design is the glass tile mosaic. The tile is full of energy and movement.

The reflective mirror shines the grey lines better. As you can see, there’s a round wall light fixture on the wall beside the mirror. That really helps the ambiance to be softer.


  • The great thing about having simple contemporary style is being clean. It seems like white and soft grey is just enough for this bathroom.


  • Even though it’s contemporary, I guess it doesn’t have to be too minimal like this. The color is so minimal, it’s only from those bottles of product. It could be better with a little bit extra colors to accentuate.

Textured Grey Bathroom Ideas with Natural Style

grey tile bathroom shower ideas

When talking about natural style, you’ll be dealing with something that comes from the natural. In this case, we are talking about natural stone. Check out the textured wall on one side of the bathroom wall, and also some small stones under the bathtub,

They are there to strengthen the natural concept of this bathroom. All of them are colored in natural dark grey. As we know, grey is the color of stone and concrete. So, I guess this style is easy to reach. You don’t have to deal with colored paints.

The rustic style is also being the highlight of this bathroom. You can’t be really close to nature if you don’t apply its pattern.

Rustic is nature’s pattern. The designer of this bathroom decides to get a rustic look for the most part of the concrete wall, just like you see in the photo.


  • That light fixture above the vanity and the ones on the ceiling are just perfect. It has the right amount of light that really support the design textures.


  • It will be hard to apply and get the exact look. So, you may need to hire professionals to design and apply this design for you. That would cost more than a DIY project. For some people, this kind of style is connected with rustic. As we know, rustic style tends to be looked dirty.


All of those stylish grey bathroom ideas are surely inspirational for you. I guess you won’t be confused anymore about what grey design that matches your bathroom needs. If you need more recommendation, you can look it up on this website. We got all the ideas covered.

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