7 Simple but Best Garage Shoe Storage Ideas

If the garage is your entrance and you often take off the shoes and leave them right next to the door that connects the garage with another room, you will need garage shoe storage ideas to fix this habit since one pair of shoes or two can quickly become too many shoes on the floor.

You need the best solutions to make your garage much more organized and have enough storage systems for your shoe collection.

Below are some genius ideas you need to know so you can build the most effective shoe storage system inside your garage.

1. Open and Visible Wire Shelving

Open and Visible Wire Shelving

The first idea about garage shoe organization is using wire shelving to create visible storage. Wire shelving is going to keep your shoes away from the floor.

Installing this kind of storage system is totally easy. Wire shelving is also completely adjustable and affordable. It can carry many shoes at once.

2. Repurpose Crates or Bookshelves

Repurpose Crates or Bookshelves

The best idea you can try if you have an old bookshelf is repurposing it and transforming it into a storage system for your shoes.

Or you can also repurpose your wooden crates that are durable to withstand the climate changes inside your garage. They are also simple but decorative at once.

3. Visible Transparent Boxes

Visible Transparent Boxes

If you have so many shoes and you don’t want them to hide behind the cabinets, get some visible storage systems from Ikea, such as the transparent storage boxes that allow you to see all the shoes you have easily.

Then you can simply take one without opening every single box just to find the right shoes.

4. Portable Garage Shoe Storage Ideas

Portable Garage Shoe Storage Ideas

If your garage has limited space, you’ll want the portable shoe rack that allows you to move it easily.

When you need more space to work inside the garage, simply roll the rack, and you will get the spaces you need to finish your projects.

5. Minimalist Plastic Storage System

Minimalist Plastic Storage System

A minimalist storage system is the right one for an extra small garage. Consider using wall mount storage so that you don’t need to take your garage floor space.

Or you can mount the shoe storage on the door. This allows you to use the walls to store many other things.

6. Comfortable Garage Shoe Storage

Comfortable Garage Shoe Storage

You want to be comfortable when you put on the shoes. A genius way to make yourself comfortable is completing your garage with bench storage.

This is a special storage for your shoes that have a small seating area on top of the racks. You can sit on the bench and put on or take off the shoes cozily.

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7. Hide The Shoes in A Cabinet

Hide The Shoes in A Cabinet

The cabinet is the best solution for your shoe collection, especially if you don’t want them to be visible.

Shoe cabinets usually come with some racks behind the doors so that you can keep your shoes organized and hidden. It is easy to maintain this kind of garage shoe storage.

Before choosing one of the garage shoe storage ideas above, you need to make sure you know what you really want and what kind of storage system that will fit the purpose of your cabinet.

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