7 Stunning Garage Trim Ideas to Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

Garage Trim Ideas – The garage is an important part of the house. Not only does it provide you with space to park vehicles and store tools, but it also helps complement the exterior.

The fact that door trim can make or break your house makes it essential to pick the right garage trim ideas.

Picking a trim for your garage can be daunting. With plenty of designs and types out there, you may end up getting overwhelmed when choosing one.

If you need a good reference for the best garage trim designs, the following reference should help you out.

1. White Basic Door Trim

Garage Trim Ideas

If you don’t have much time to plan a garage door remodel, then this basic door trim is more than sufficient.

Coming with a simple straight line, this trim looks completely fine for your house exterior. Even it can redefine your outdoor space effortlessly.

White trim on the white door gives you an entirely basic look. Though it can be rather boring after a few years, you can simply make an upgrade by changing the color.

Or you can also add molding at the top of the existing trim. Choosing the basic one gives you more chances for the upcoming upgrade.

2. Clean, Crisp and Basic Trim

Garage Trim Ideas

Going basic can never go wrong. There may be dozens of artistic and decorative garage door trims but choosing the basic one keeps you safe.

Featuring a clean and crisp line, this basic trim is more than enough to boost your curb appeal effortlessly.

White trims that look in contrast with the dark garage door add visual attraction to your house exterior. It also works well for garage doors with other colors.

3. Bold Trim for Classic Nuance

Garage Trim Ideas

This bold garage trim definitely deserves all your attention. White trims on white-gray doors create a perfect combination that accentuates a handsome appearance.

The key point to its boldness is the width, so be sure to make your door trims wider.

4. Basic Trim with Molding


Feeling bored with your basic monotone trim? How about combining the existing trim with decorative molding?

It offers a brilliant solution to improve the value of your exterior without involving a major renovation. Best of all, it makes your garage look more impressive.

5. Crown Molding Garage Trim Ideas


Crown molding has been used by many homeowners to add visual appeal to their houses. It works well in any setting, both interior and exterior—and your garage is no exception.

What’s interesting, crown molding can be installed to add some extra height to your garage door.

6. Trim Moulding with Classic Lantern


This is another inspiration for your garage door trim. Besides adding garage door trim molding to the basic frame, you can highlight this part by installing classic lanterns at its top.

Hence, your beautiful garage trim will be completely visible day and night.

7. Artistic Wooden Garage Trim


Bring out your inner artist with this garage trim idea. Made to complement the wooden garage door, it comes with a completely similar color that creates a subtle and beautiful appearance.

Rather than coming with a straight line, these garage trim ideas come with a half octagonal design.

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