7 Super Cool Harley Davidson Garage Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Your garage décor is completely your personal preference. If you are a proud Harley Davidson owner or you are simply a big fan of it, then adopting Harley Davidson decorations all over the place will definitely boost your garage appeal. All you need to do is find the right Harley Davidson garage ideas.

Unfortunately, getting a décor idea that fits your garage can be a bit daunting. This is especially true if you have never done any garage revamp or you just can’t decide where to start.

If you need little help, take a closer look at garage décor ideas below and get inspired.

1. Small Harley Davidson Garage with Cabinets

Harley Davidson garage ideas

Harley Davidson garages don’t always require a lot of space. Even if you have a small space issue, you can transform it into a cool place to park your precious Harley Davidson.

Despite the limitation, this garage has everything you need for your hobby, ranging from cabinets to shelving.

Harley Davidson garage designs can be customized to your preference. Feel free to add wall signs, cabinets, and storage racks to keep the room neat and organized.

2. Rustic Harley Davidson Garage

Harley Davidson garage ideas

If you are into old and classic nuance, then this garage design idea will make you fall in love.

Adopting rustic style, you can expect a warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere. It also has concrete floors that complement wooden walls and other elements in the given space.

3. Harley Davidson Wall Sign

Harley Davidson garage ideas

This idea helps keep your Harley Davidson garage simple. Without adding too many decorations or accessories, you can emphasize the theme by focusing on the wall ornament.

Get a huge Harley Davidson wall sign, and it will be sufficient to redefine your garage.

Another good thing about this garage design idea is that it features a pair of glass windows. Not only does it provide you with sufficient light at day, but it also let’s see what’s happening outside.

4. Full-Featured Harley Davidson Garage Ideas


How long do you stay in the garage? If you tend to spend hours in your workshop, you may want to make it fully equipped.

In addition to garage cabinets and racks that are essential, getting a couch or sofa allows you to unwind and flex the muscles while adorning your precious.

5. Harley Davidson Wall Mural


Bring out your artistic side with this garage idea. It features a huge Harley Davidson mural in an iconic combination of black and orange.

Without having to install too many ornaments, you can keep the room simple while maintaining its value.

6. Harley Davidson Garage with Checkerboard Floors


One of the easiest ways to create a Harley Davidson-themed garage is to alter the flooring idea. Adopting orange and black colors, you can create checkerboard floors that instantly accentuate the powerful vibe of Harley Davidson.

7. Simple Harley Davidson Garage


This is one of the simplest Harley Davidson garage ideas you shouldn’t skip. If you don’t have much time for the revamp project, you can complete this garage design in a day.

Simply paint the wall with a Harley Davidson color, install a matching floor mat and cabinets, and you are done.

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