Gardenia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Gardenia is a nice flower that was very popular in the Victorian era as a symbol of beauty. It is very easy to grow in the garden. The most popular Gardenia flower is the white one. Gardenia flower meaning has pure symbol that many people use on some sacred occasions, such as weddings and engagements.

Gardenia is very popular among florists because of its beauty. The shape of the gardenia is similar to the rose, but it is way different in symbolism and meaning. Find out some beautiful meanings of gardenia that inspire you to give it to other people.

The Symbol of Giving Trust

Gardenia flower The Symbol of Giving Trust

When you receive a gardenia flower in a bouquet, it means the person has great trust in you. They want you to be a person who will hold the secret and they think you are reliable enough, either as family or friend. It has a very sweet meaning for many occasions.

A gardenia flower that can have this meaning is the white gardenia. Trust is pure and clean, exactly like how gardenia flowers appear. This symbolism has existed since the Victorian era. Many people still use this classic meaning to give Gardenia to other people.

The Rebirth and Renewal

Gardenia flower The Rebirth and Renewal

When you come to a housewarming party, either your friend’s or family’s, bringing a bouquet of gardenia flowers is a sweet gesture that you can express. This is because the gardenia flower meaning is about renewal and rebirth. You wish them a good new life in the house.

Besides a housewarming party, you also can use the flower to greet other people who decide to start a new life in a new environment. Giving this flower can express that you wish them a better life as they plan. It is a good gift because your thoughts are with them.

The Symbol of Peace

Gardenia flower The Symbol of Peace

Sometimes, there are some occasions when we can deliver our peaceful thoughts to a particular event. If you want to deliver this feeling, bringing gardenia is a good choice. This flower has a great meaning about peace. It means you want a peaceful environment and the world.

The best way to deliver the peace message is to bring one stalk of gardenia to the event, and then place the flower in a certain place. You can do street-giving to the people around you or strangers with a short message about what kind of peace we want around us.

The Sign of Beauty and Elegance

Gardenia flower The Sign of Beauty and Elegance

If you want to convey a message that someone is very elegant and has great beauty, yet you do not know how to express it, give them a gardenia. This is a sweet expression to let them know you have a good impression on them.

However, it may be a bit off if you want to convey this message to the stranger. You have to know them first, at least, because you may need to write a certain message with this flower. It is a good way to start a good friendship with other people.

Purity and Innocence

Gardenia flower meaning

It is always a good choice to have gardenia as the priority option when you want to express the innocence and purity sides. It can be just a simple bouquet or a big vase. After all, the gardenia flower meaning will be the same. How about the recipient?

They will know that you have good intentions. Purity and innocence are the reasons why people approach others using this flower. It has the most harmless meaning that there is no threat in the meaning of gardenia.

Showing Great Affection

Gardenia flower Showing Great Affection

It is not only roses that can give an affectionate impression to the recipient. Giving gardenia to them will also convey this message. It applies when you give it to the family, friend, partner, and others who the ones you love sincerely.

The Sense of Admiration

Gardenia flower The Sense of Admiration

Admiring other people is out of control. Since you have to control your attitude, giving a gardenia is a good action that you can do. Express your Admiration to certain people with gardenia. They will know your pure attention to approach with respect.

The gardenia flower meaning will give you the idea that this flower is a good choice. Gardenia is a harmless flower with a good fragrance. It’s pretty and calming, receiver will be happy to receive it as well.

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