8 Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas for an Updated Look

Open kitchen shelving keeps your fancy dishes and cooking utensils organized. On top of that, it can serve as a wall decoration that makes your kitchen look updated with unexpected color and shape combinations. If you want to add an open shelf to your space, here is the reference for you.

1. Stained Wood Shelves Under Cabinet

Stained Wood Shelves Under Cabinet

The glossy wood shelves in a white kitchen provide a beautiful contrast that indulges your eyesight. It stands out among white cabinets, subway tiles, and kitchen island but it has the same style as the hardwood flooring. So, it isn’t difficult for the shelves to get in sync with the entire interior.

2. Mixed Material Shelving

Mixed Material Shelving

If you can’t decide between wood and aluminum material, this mixed shelving solves your problem. The open shelves cabinet has a wooden base that is combined with an aluminum frame and upper shelves, creating a unique look. The medium size makes it a great addition to your kitchen corner.

3. Open Shelving with Rail for Extra Protection

Open Shelving with Rail for Extra Protection

This open kitchen shelving is ideal for you who want to display your favorite dishware. Designed with a railing, it holds your plates securely while ensuring their visibility. It also comes with extra shelves for your cute cup collections. Not only that, it can serve as a one-of-a-kind wall décor.

4. Professional Kitchen Shelving

Professional Kitchen Shelving

Are you impressed by commercial kitchens in professional businesses? Adopting the idea of open shelving in the restaurant can make your personal kitchen look updated. The stainless-steel shelves evoke a modern and classy vibe while ensuring the accessibility of each item.

5. Standing Kitchen Shelving for Kitchen Corner

Standing Kitchen Shelving for Kitchen Corner

Make use of the weird corner in your kitchen with this standing shelving idea. The black vertical shelving displays your collections and helps organize the space effortlessly. Pair it with a wall-mount kitchen shelving that features a set of hooks to hang your glasses and cups.

6. Hanging Wood Shelves for Rustic Kitchen

Hanging Wood Shelves for Rustic Kitchen

When you need an open kitchen shelving idea for your rustic space, these hanging wood shelves have everything you need. The shelves are hung to the beam ceiling which brings aesthetic appeal to the given space. The two-tier shelving is not only attractive but also functional.

7. L-Shaped Shelving to Utilize Your Corner

L-Shaped Shelving to Utilize Your Corner

This L-shaped shelving can transform an empty corner in your kitchen into a functional spot. It can serve as a practical organizer to display your cup collections, knick-knacks, indoor plants, and more. Mounted on stained wooden walls, this kitchen shelving idea.

8. Symmetrical White Shelving

Symmetrical White Shelving


The symmetrical shelving makes your space look neat and tidy. These white shelves are installed one over another, creating three tiers that indulge your eyes. You can also install a couple of downlight lamps to highlight your collections and make a dramatic effect. The white shelves blend perfectly with the white wall.

Open kitchen shelving can be a great option if you want to organize and display your favorite dishware or cooking utensils for a unique kitchen decoration. With a ton of designs to choose from, feel free to copy a shelving idea that can be the right fit for your kitchen.

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