Genius Home Improvement Ideas That Are Easy, Innovative, and Original

The internet has given us plenty of clickbait articles promising budget miracles and home improvement wizardry. But, how can you possibly separate all the digital chaff from those juicy – and actually valuable – nuggets of home improvement wisdom? 

Luckily, my role as a freelance writer who focuses primarily on home improvement topics gives me some perspective on what latest trends are actually useful. So, join me on this journey through the latest and greatest home improvement ideas in 2022.

You Need to Know About Interstitial Blinds

Once in a rare instance, a home improvement concept comes along and makes you wonder why it isn’t the de facto choice.

Something so obvious should be the rule and not the exception, right? Interstitial blinds are one of those home improvement concepts. Once you hear about them, you won’t be able to imagine a better system. 

What are Interstitial Blinds?

Interstitial blinds are double-paned windows that have a blind system installed inside of them. These “between the glass blinds” are sealed from dust and damage.

This blind system can be controlled by a motor or through magnets. You have ultimate control and never have to dust or vacuum them. 

Laminate Floorboards Aren’t Only For the Floor

Genius Home Improvement Ideas

I have seen this trend on Pinterest and other places recently. If you want to add texture and variation to a room, consider applying laminate floor tiles to one or more of your walls for a pop.

Just because the packaging says the floor doesn’t mean you are limited to only the floor space!

Rustic Farmhouse Backsplash

Use wood-style laminate floor tiles to add a rustic look to your kitchen or bring a classic den style to a living room.

Lavish Tiled Elegance

Bring a sense of marbled pastiche to a dining room or bedroom by using marble or stone-themed laminate tiles on a section of the wall—highlight furniture or wall art by ensconcing it with a beautiful and elegant backsplash.

Enhance Decor With Textures and Matte Colors

Home Improvement Ideas

Use textured laminate tiles to transform a plain old wall into the central focus of your sitting room. Stone finishes or other textures will add depth and complexity to any home’s design theme.

Some Installation Recommendations

Avoid the glue and instead opt to hang the floorboards on studs. By doing so, the floorboards will be secure but will be easily removable if you decide to change up the design.

Build a Hutch To Hide Your Washer and Dryer’s Wires and Pipes

If you want a crafty way to hide your essential home appliances’ unsightly electrical wires, all you need is some spare wood, nails, a hammer, and some wood stain.

You can construct a hutch that not only hides the dirty backsides of your washer and dryer but also adds some storage or counter space in the process.

To be sure, this trend is a fantastic example of a DIY home improvement that is not only (relatively) easy to do but also looks good and is practical to boot – we all need some extra counter space.

I recommend this tutorial from HGTV on how to build the perfect hutch.

Transform Your Under-the-Stair Space Into a Pet House

I absolutely love this renovation idea. Many under stair cupboards are misused extensions of the junk drawer.

The triangular shape is awkward to store larger items in, so they often get filled with the smaller, easily forgettable spare tools and novelty gifts. 

Why not reclaim this space and dedicate it to your loyal pet? You can clear the space out and cut a pet-sized door into the facing wall where the storage door would be. Line the entryway with tiles and give your pup the perfect portal to their own palace!

Be sure to line the space with plenty of soft pet pillows and toys! And, if you have cats, install fun ledges, holes, and cat-centred shenanigans into the design.

Use your imagination! Your pets will thank you, and you’ll also have a one-of-a-kind, unique feature if you plan to sell or want to get your home appraised. 

There Are Plenty of Innovative Home Improvement Projects to Try

Hopefully, these trendy design ideas help inspire you to take on home improvement challenges in fun, innovative and creative ways.

I write about home improvement a lot, so you can imagine much of what I come across consists of the same ideas repackaged into new “best of” articles. 

These ideas were the ones I felt were truly unique and offered something new. I hope you enjoy them! 

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