10 Best Door Trim Ideas to Inspire You

Door Trim Ideas – Door trim is an essential part of a house. Its function is to support the door so that it can be opened and closed. Even so, not many consider the door trim as an important and unique part.

Thus, people ignore their appearance and do not match the type of door which is installed.

Exterior and interior door trim ideas have their own roles. For the exterior, the trim must be made of strong material because it is in direct contact with the type of weather that occurs outside the house.

The exterior is also an attraction for people visiting your house. While the interior door trim must be adjusted to the space of the room.

Interior Door Trim Ideas

1. Pocket Door Trim

Best Pocket Door Trim

If you do not have a large space at home, then use the pocket door style. This one door only needs to be slided so it doesn’t take up space when opened.

However, the trim installation also requires special treatment. This door trim is thick enough to insert the door into the trim when it slides open.

You can use a sturdy wood material so that both the trim and the door are not easily damaged by frequent use.

2. Bi-fold door Trim

Bi-fold door Trim Style

A bifold internal doors are an ideal solution for those who require a spacious door in a relatively narrow room. These doors can be conveniently folded and placed to the side, optimizing space utilization in your home.

The trim for this type of door requires a special shape. Besides being sturdy to hold the door, the trim must also be made large. You can make trim that exceeds the size of the door to add a small window at the top.

3. Minimalist Door Trim

Best Minimalist Door Trim

Does your house have a minimalist theme? You can try a glass door that is in box shape and separated by a wooden frame.

The installation is quite easy, as is the trim. If the door is in black, muffle the trim with white so that the result is a contrast. The door trim has a larger size to support a fairly heavy glass door.

4. Vinyl Door Trim

Vynil Door Trim Design

If you live in a humid area, wood material is not suitable for furniture, including doors and trim. The solution is to use vinyl material.

This material is easy to obtain, cheap, and easy installation. Vynil will not be eaten by termites, so it is safe in the long run. Ideally, the trim should follow the shape of the door but be made more prominent on the outside.

5. Aluminum Door Trim

Aluminum Door Trim Design

Even though you use wood for the door, you can use other materials as the trim material. One of them is aluminum. This material is very popular because it is light and easy to get.

The trim will also be durable, anti-rust, and will not be eaten by termites. This trim is also suitable for doors with vinyl or glass types.

Exterior Door Trim Ideas

1. Modern Door Trim

Modern Door Trim Ideas

The minimalist style is also supported by the appearance of the door. Use a dark color on the doors like black for a simple look.

Not only the door, the trim also has the same color. Make two sides of the trim used for the door and the other side for the cover such as a passive door.

You can add trim for the top. Ideally, there should be a rectangular ventilation glass on the top side.

2. Trim for Glass Door

Best Trim for Glass Door

Glass doors are still widely used for homes that seem classic. Usually, the shape is a sliding door so it is not easily damaged.

Even so, the trim is still used so that the appearance of the door is more amazing. Use the same color as the door.

If you are using a standard color like white, trim can be used to hang a flower wreath for a warmer home feel.

3. The Craftman Style

Door Craftman Style

Craftman style door trims are distinctive. The trim is very large and the size is wide. This look makes the door classic and feel like you are in a farm house.

You can use trim in any color and it doesn’t have to be the same as the door. To be sure, avoid trim with vinyl material. Most doors in this style use heavy wood so they need sturdy trim.

4. Ornate Door

Best Door Trim Ideas

Ornate doors usually use trim with strong wood materials such as mahogany. This is due to the ornate door which consists of two sides and uses thick glass on some of the doors.

That’s why a very sturdy trim is needed to accommodate the door strength. You can add other ornaments on the top side of the trim so that it doesn’t look boring.

This style is suitable for homes with large sizes and a classic concept.

5. Arch Top Trim

Door Trim Ideas

this one door makes your house look stunning and wonderful. The top is curved so that it looks unique. Not all houses choose a door like this.

Of course, the door trim also follows the arch of the door. Use double doors with trim with the same material as the door. Wood trim for wooden doors, then vinyl trim is used for doors made of vinyl.

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