How Can You Tell A Good Quality Leather Sofa?

Good Quality Leather – Everyone knows that leather is a treasured and precious fabric for various items ranging from fashion accessories to furniture pieces. Due to this, there is an increasing demand and competition in the market.

This is why every business comes up with various ways and products to persuade customers that their leather is the best in the market.

They come up with new leather types, and this makes it challenging and confusing. This is why this article will tell you how to make sure that the leather is good quality.

How to identify good quality leather?

1) Price of the leather piece

This might seem obvious, but high-quality leather is not cheap and comes at a hefty price. The higher the quality of leather used in the furniture piece, the higher you will have to pay for it.

2) Look at the place where the skins are stitched together

First, you need to determine whether the leather is genuine or not. To see this, you need to look at the stitching area.

You will find a detailed label about the origin of the leather and other such information. Apart from this, also look at the reverse side. Good quality leather will be colorless and rough on the backside.

3) Utilize your smelling sense

Moreover, you can also determine the genuineness of the leather through smell. A rich and pleasant smell is that of real leather.

Genuine leather has an oaky smell, whereas fake leather does not.

4) Check the grain of the leather

After checking the label and reverse side of the leather, you should check the grain. A perfectly uniform grain indicates that the leather is either bonded or faux.

Or it could be genuine leather that is embossed with this pattern. You can see imperfections in even first-grade leather. So imperfections do not mean low-quality leather.

5) Feel the surface of the leather

The surface of good-quality leather is mostly warm to the touch. Leathers that are pigmented may feel cold to the touch due to coating a protective surface on top.

By feeling the surface of the leather, you can tell whether it is genuine leather or fake leather. Genuine leather feels soft and flexible, but it also has a grainy texture. Faux leather cannot be stretched, whereas real leather can be stretched.

6) Utilize the grading of a piece of leather

When shopping for leather furniture, including 2 Seater Leather Sofa Bed, utilize the grading of a piece of leather as an indicator of quality.

In a nutshell

With an increase in demand and thus competition in the market, various businesses sell leather furniture. These companies use various ways to make you think that their product is the best. But do not be persuaded so easily.

It is always best to research before you go to purchase your leather couch. Even though it is difficult to physically go to the showroom before you purchase an item of leather furniture, you should do it.

In this way, you can easily inspect the leather by touching and smelling the fabric to identify whether it is of good quality or not.

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