Here’s Why Arts And Architecture Lovers Can’t Get Enough Of Chicago

Every city wants to stake its claim when it comes to great art and architecture. While we certainly wouldn’t want to dismiss any other American metropolis’ contribution to the visual arts, the fact of the matter is that the number one location isn’t found on either coast, but in the great state of Illinois.

That’s right, if you’re looking for incredible architecture and amazing museums, you cannot beat Chicago. You might not know as much about the city as you do about New York or Washington, but it’s an amazing place to visit.

Scratch the surface and there’s loads to see and do, especially for art lovers and fans of beautiful architecture.

Native Chicagoans have known it all along, but for those who’ve never been before, it’s surprising how much there is to see in this gorgeous city. Whether you’re planning a long weekend or a family vacation, there’s a lot to see in Chicago.

Here are a few reasons why anyone looking to move somewhere that’s a little more pleasing to the eye should consider the windy city.

It’s A Skyscraper Paradise

While the world’s first has long been demolished, Chicago has a proud place in history as the city where the modern skyscraper really took shape.

In 1871, the great Chicago Fire left much of the city in desperate need of grand rebuilding projects. The opportunity of an open playing field for new designs drew great Americans like Frank Lloyd Wright as well as architects from all over the world.

Visitors can see some of the most famous skyscrapers in the world, such as 875 N Michigan Avenue (perhaps better known as the John Hancock Centre), the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) or the more recent but no less dazzling Aqua Tower, with its incredible ripple exterior design.

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The Architecture Is Incredibly Varied

As we mentioned, architects and planners came from all over the world to give Chicago its distinctive look, and there’s nothing quite like a walking tour around the city to open your eyes to the marvels that are just above street level.

If you’re looking for Chicago apartments, you’re going to be struck by just how much variety there is in the different buildings you’ll be looking at.

From the sturdy, striking grey-stones which sprung up in the wake of the Great Fire, to the Bungalows with their wide overhangs and dormer windows, to the Workers Cottage style design, which typically has one of its stories just below street level, you’ll see that there is far more to Chicago than skyscrapers.

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Many Exhibitions Are Free

When you’re travelling in a city, the costs can quickly mount up. It’s not just travel and accommodation that you need to consider; it’s also the cost of doing everything you want to while you’re there.

Thankfully, for art lovers visiting Chicago, many of the cities most amazing galleries offer free entry.

DePaul Art Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago and many other incredible galleries allow you to browse their beautiful exhibits for free, although most do ask that you consider making a donation to fund their work.

As such, you won’t have to fork out a fortune to see a little culture in this beautiful city.

Many of the buildings in this magnificent city are practically works of art themselves, so you’ll have plenty to see just walking around the windy city. You’ll save money that you can use to enjoy more of the city and get the most out of your trip.

There Are So Many Amazing Galleries And Museums

If you’re an art lover, you are never going to be short on places to visit in Chicago.

The first stop on anyone’s list should be the Art Institute of Chicago, which doubles as one of the most famous buildings in the city (you may have already have some idea of what to expect if you’ve seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off…).

There’s the Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Museum of Mexican Art, the Smart Museum of Art (which was created by the University of Chicago), and you simply cannot miss the Richard H. Driehaus Museum, which is housed in the restored Nickerson Mansion and which gives you a taste of incredible Gilded Age Architecture and design as well as permanent and temporary art collections.

Chicago is a stunning city that boasts incredible art and architecture. There’s also loads more, including delicious eateries, world-renowned shops and more. Honestly, the only way to make sure you don’t miss out on anything is to move here…

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