Guest Bedroom Ideas and Themes for Inviting Space

There are actually tons of appealing and attractive guest bedroom ideas that can transform a cold and dingy room into a functional, comfortable, and inviting space. Just because it is a room dedicated for guests, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect it and doesn’t include it in your home decor project.

There are several themes that you can use for your personal living space.

Farmhouse Bedroom

farmhouse bedroom

The style is simple and yet elegant and beautiful. By combining neutral accessories, distressed dresser, and white iron bed, it looks natural and stylish in its own way.

If you don’t really like white, you can choose other neutral and natural colors, like beige, cream, or ivory. The result should be serene and yet attractive.

Of course, you can add other colors, such as accent colors for the bed or for the pillow, but make sure that the color isn’t too bright or bold.

Attic Bedroom

attic bedroom

Attic doesn’t have to be the discarded room in the house. You can transform the area into a cozy and appealing room that has its own function and cozy atmosphere. Even with the limited space, you can still enjoy the cozy arrangement if you know how to manage it right.

As one of the guest bedroom ideas, you don’t need to include many pieces of furniture to the design. A bed or two beds with a dresser should be enough.

The room has the space for sleeping and for storage. And you don’t need to include many accents or accessories – simple arrangement will do.

Cozy Bedroom

Cozy bedroom

Guests would appreciate it if you can make the bedroom as cozy and functional as possible. There is no need to do any grandeur work or expensive project. Providing a reading nook close to the window is enough to create the cozy and warm atmosphere.

Your guests would love it to sit there, read their favorite books, and look outside the window. You can also create a cozy space by adding dresser, so your guests have the option to unpack or to remove some of their clothes from the luggage.

Summer Bedroom

Summer Bedroom

If you are into the summer breeze and the bright atmosphere, you can make it eternal through one of the room decor.

Summer doesn’t have to end if you are able to manage and arrange the guest room with the most attractive and colorful tones.

After all, summer tones one of the most popular guest bedroom ideas that can easily be implemented to any home or room.

The main appeal is the colorful and cheerful tones that can dominate the bed as well as the wall. The wall can be yellow or ivory with colorful throw cover, blankets, and pillow case. It is a sight for sore eyes.

Vintage Bedroom

Vintage bedroom

Have an old and vintage poster from the 20s or even the 60s? Have some art collections from the 70s? You can create your own vintage style for the guest bedroom.

Since it is vintage, you have the freedom to mix up colors and patterns. You can combine various colors together. Laces, flowers, patterns, and colors are the important elements of such a bedroom style.

A metal or iron bed will look vintage with flower bedsheet and bedcover. You can also decorate the room with ornaments and items on the wall.

The greatest thing about this style is that you can use old stuff (even from your past or your childhood) to decorate the room.

Contemporary Bedroom

contemporary bedroom

Contemporary style implements simple colors with several tone combinations. Black and white is the most popular options for this style.

But if you want to add flair and brightness to the room, it is okay to combine navy wall (or blue gray wall) with wooden floor and yellow accents for the bed.

The signature style of the design is the simple arrangement and minimalistic design. You can have cool tone rugs or warm color rugs that would look great when combined with wooden floor.

Basically, simple arrangement with as little furniture as possible would be ideal for such a room design and style.

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Accent Bedroom

Accent bedroom

This style of room is exciting because it has its own playful side. With the rope bed that anchor the space, the room looks like the adult version of the play land.

And the rope bed is only a part of the various accents that include the segrass rug, a (hanging) tobacco basket, and Swiss cross blanket with blue and white hues.

This accent style is one of the guest bedroom ideas that you can combine with country atmosphere –and yet without the theme is being thick. To complete the look, the ivory curtain will look perfect to the design without making it too much.

These are some of the ideas so your guest bedrooms won’t have to be boring or bland anymore. Feel free to add other guest bedroom ideas that suit your style.

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