14+ Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Room

Bedroom is not only a place for sleeping, but also functions as your personal retreat. That’s why it must represent your unique style and character. If you want to own a charming sanctuary, you are in the right place. Let’s curl up with these amazing bedroom wall decor ideas from us.

1. Gorgeous Tapestry

Tapestry bedroom

When you dislike seeing your boring wall, it is time to add intricate patterns into your haven. Hang a tapestry over your bed. It will fill your huge wall in an exquisite way.

Tapestry also gives new dimension and texture to your bedroom wall. Do not be afraid to play with various shades and materials. Once it occupies the wall, your sleeping area is instantly set in Bohemian decor.

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There is a huge variation of tapestries you can choose from.

Tapestry is a statement-making piece.

Its details deliver artistic value to any area.


Wrong motifs lead to a super busy room.

2. Framed Prints

bedroom collage ideas

Transform your sleeping zone into a gallery wall with framed prints. They provide you a refined and impressive look. As a bonus, your space seems to be expertly upgraded.

You can print anything you extremely love, from natural objects to family candids. We guarantee the results couldn’t be more fantastic. For the frames, you are able to choose several finishes such as brass, gold platina, and wood.

Elevate your gallery wall with framed prints from Anderson Design Group, transforming your sleeping zone into a sophisticated display of refined and impressive artwork. Choose from various options, from natural objects to family candids, ensuring your space is expertly upgraded with fantastic results.


The artworks make your space more inviting and homey.

They really create a focal point.

Framed prints pull your room together.


Too much artworks can be chaotic in a tiny bedroom.

Sometimes, they might fall off your wall.

3. Striped Wall

Striped Bedroom Wall

Believe it or not, stripes depict dramatic depth. So, why don’t you follow this hottest wall trend? The stripes tuck your entire wall into something bold and cute at the same time.

Show off the beauty of your room by painting the wall in your favorite shades. They are seriously gonna lend your wall a magnificent touch. Best of all, you could paint the perfect stripes on the wall by yourself.


Your ceiling visually looks taller with the vertical stripes.

The wall does not appear bland anymore.

Stripes truly redirect the eye.


Painting process consumes your energy and time.

4. Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinets Ideas

People usually overlook the space over their beds. Hopefully, this case does not happen to you. Make the most of your unused wall by installing modern storage cabinets.

For you who live in tiny bedchamber, space is at premium. So, this idea will solve your biggest issue as well. In this picture, the white wall-mounted cabinets fit nicely with minimalist bedroom.


The storage cabinets result in neat and clean private space.

They generally give you the visual appeal.

Your chamber is efficiently used.


You cannot move them frequently.

The cost of installation is quite pricey.

5. Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers wallpaper

Add incredible decorating punch to your bedroom wall with paper flowers. For instance, you can opt for them in varying sizes from small to ridiculously large. They absolutely stand out in any space.

You can experiment with the colors too. In this sleeping zone, the homeowner hangs paper flowers in some purple hues. To go the extra mile, place blooming purple tulips, and lavenders on the drawer.


The paper flowers are wallet-friendly.

They have delicate appearances.

Unlike real flowers, they are durable.

Faux flowers need a low maintenance.


If you select the DIY version, it must be an exhausting project.

6. Horizontal Painting

Horizontal Painting Theme

We are very sure this predominantly yellow bedroom steals your heart in no time. It will evoke the cheerful spirits to the owner. Not only that, the painting over your bed exudes aesthetic balance and cozy atmosphere.

A giant glass window allows the sunlights in. They obviously illuminate the painting during the day time. There is nothing better than starting and ending the day in this space.


Horizontal wall art produces a slightly wider sleeping area.

It offers some desirable volume without looking too crowded.


Painting can be expensive.

Choosing the matching artwork of your space is possibly daunting.

7. Wall Mural

Bedroom Wall Mural

If traveling around the world is one of your ultimate life goals, this idea is the way to go. In this nautical-themed bedchamber, a map of world mural takes up the wall excellently.

Moreover, the nautical decorations such as a free-standing globe and compass painting adorn the whole space. While powder blue walls, admiral blue bedding, and pillow embrace your adventurous soul. What an ideal relaxation spot!


Wall mural surely grabs the attention.

It can make a personal statement.

It gives your chamber special character.


If your space is already full with ginormous objects, mural creates more claustrophobic setting.

Mural is just suitable for a roomy space.

8. Fabulous Mirror

Fabulous Mirror for Bedroom

Who says that mirror just reflects the light? This round decorative mirror is designed to enhance the wall decor. Its shining frame blends strikingly with the grey velvet pillows.

Furthermore, this plush chamber is filled with velveteen bedding and headboard. If you wake up on this bed, you definitely feel like a princess. But do not forget to fix your lustrous hair.


The glow of mirror dresses up your space.

It tucks yours into an open and bright sleeping corner.


Since mirror is pretty heavy, it can be dangerous if it is not professionally mounted.

Placing a mirror on the wall that reflects your bed is not recommended.

9. Polka Dots

Polka Dots theme

Never underestimate the simple shapes. These golden polka dots complement the little girl’s room. They perform as exciting elements of the accent wall. Unexpectedly, their shades marry perfectly with the grey and gold pillow.

The metallic small polka dots can be seen in the vertical artwork as well. Once you decorate the kid’s sanctuary with the dazzling stuffs, your lovely one is always in the happy mood.


It is utterly easy idea. Either you buy the wall stickers or paint polka dots on the wall.

The polka dots are indeed for fun bedroom.


For some people, they seem a bit juvenile.

10. Fabric Hoops

Fabric Hoops for bedroom

Your bare wall deserves an improvement too. And the wooden fabric hoops will jazz up your abode with their colorful and extremely detailed patterns. Love being extraordinary? Pick out small, medium and large hoops.

Creating these wall decors is not so difficult. Just stretch the fabrics across your hoops. After that, trim the extras using scissor from their backs. Be ready as they constantly amaze you.


They are cost-effective and funky wall arts.

Present as centrepieces.

Quick way to beautify your wall.


If you use them excessively, they might overpower your tiny bedroom.

11. Metal Sculptures

bedroom wall decor

Sometimes, you get intimidated with windowless and super large bedroom wall. Please, do not think like that again. Because it can be the canvas for your innovative idea.

The wall in this bedchamber is accentuated by metal sculptures. Interestingly, they seemingly resemble a group of flying birds. They also do an awesome job in breaking up the tailored lines.


3D wall decors are completely attractive.

They inject the room with artistic touches.


They only suit modern and contemporary sleeping spaces.

Metal sculptures are not reasonable choice.

12. Wallpaper

bedroom wall decor

When it comes to the bedroom decor, you cannot go far wrong with a wallpaper. It helps you achieve a repeating pattern. But you don’t have to stencil your entire wall at all.

In addition, wallpaper is actually used to personalize your bedchamber. So, you must select it based on your room design and layout. As example, this space looks more feminine with pink floral wallpaper.


Wallpaper is available in many designs, patterns, and styles.

It protects your wall in high-traffic bedroom.

It is really easy to care for.


Removing the existing wallpaper is a totally tedious task.

Wallpaper is not good for sunny bedroom as it is prone to burnout.

13. Fairy Lights

bedroom wall decor

This bedchamber is artfully illuminated by LED fairy lights. They emanate romantic, soothing and serene aura. You can use them around and over your bed. The plain wall appears way more enchanting with them.

Additionally, they radiate soft glow to a gloomy sleeping zone. You do not only feel magical, but also live your fairytale-like life. These twinkly fascinating lights turn your room into a personal chill-out space.


String lights have limitless shapes, colors and sizes.

LED lights are far more long-lasting than traditional lights.

They are affordable to run.


The fairy lights tend to make your room a little dim.

14. Wall Baskets

Bedroom Wall Baskets

Currently, baskets become the stars of wall decoration. Due to this fact, we implore you to hang chic wicker baskets on your stark wall. They are gonna be visually pleasing accessories.

Furthermore, hand-woven baskets never go out of the trend. They undoubtedly remind you of vintage items bought at garage sales. You can pair them with your stylish hats too. What a stately combo!


The wicker baskets are weather-resistant.

Suitable for people on a budget.

They are nearly maintenance-free wall embellishments.


When you accidentally hit the wicker basketry, it will get damaged.

We bet you don’t have to hire an interior designer after finding out our spectacular inspirations of bedroom wall decor. And which one is your most adored idea?

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