A Guide to Buying a Good Salt Water Pool

We all know about the conventional ways to relax and chill out when we’re at home. We can sit in at the weekends and watch our favourite TV shows. We can buy a new book and sit in the back garden going through it, or we can take part in a hobby such as cooking or knitting. However, there are more unorthodox ways to relax around the house these days that you may not know about.

One of these is having a salt water pool installed, giving your house that holiday villa feel. More and more people are joining in on this craze, and judging by the fact you’re reading this article you’re probably considering it too. It’s not all as easy as you’d think, though; there are a lot of things you need to consider when you’re having one of these installed. Here’s our guide on buying a good salt water pool. 

The first thing you need to consider when buying a salt water pool is the system you’ll purchase to clean it. Cleaning a swimming pool is challenging no matter what kind you have, and a salt water pool is no different. However, in my opinion you should steer clear of the normal cleaning chemicals that are used when you clean a pool by hand.

Not only will this cost a lot of money over time when you have to continually buy chemicals, but it’ll also take a lot of effort on your part. I’d recommend buying an electrical cleaning system that does all of this for you, and you won’t even have to do anything.

Simply install it and it’ll do all the important cleaning jobs for you. This will also help you to save money in the long term. If you want to check out some cleaning systems, Rex Garden reviews several of the best salt water pool systems so give them a look. 

Next, you need to think about how much your swimming pool will cost overall. There are a lot of pools out there, a lot of designs and a lot of different places to buy them from. Because of this, they come in a large variety of prices and some of them simply aren’t worth what you’ll pay for them.

I know a few people who’ve overpaid for a swimming pool and not been happy, so make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Look at as many different pools as you can, write down some notes and check what overall package is getting you the best deal.

This way you’ll be making the most well informed decision as possible. Remember it’s not about spending as little or as much as possible- it’s about spending the right amount for what you’re buying. 

Lastly, think about where you’re going to put your pool. It has to be somewhere that’s both easy to access in general and easy to install, as you don’t want it to be a huge hassle for whoever is building and installing it. Take your time with this decision, as once it’s made it’s pretty hard to take it back.

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