Need Inspiration for Your Garage? Check Out These 7 Garage Addition Ideas

Garage Addition Ideas – Don’t have a garage yet? Or perhaps you want to add an additional one? Either way, a garage addition is a good idea. It gives you space to park your vehicles as well as increases the value of your house. 

The question is, what kind of garage addition should you add? Should it be an attached garage? A detached one? Maybe a carport? To help you decide, we make a list of 7 garage addition ideas below.

1. Attached Garage

Garage Addition Ideas

The first one is a garage with an attached design. This is the typical garage. It is a garage that is affixed to a house. It has three exterior walls and shares a wall with the house.

The design allows you to access your house straight from the garage, which is convenient.

2. Detached Garage

Detached Garage

The detached garage is the opposite of the attached garage. While the attached garage is affixed to a house, a detached garage is not.

Since the building is separated from the house, you don’t have the convenience to access the house directly.

However, a detached garage is easier to build, especially since it won’t be affixed to the house. Not to mention you can style it however you want, too. 

3. 2 Car Detached Garage

2 Car Detached Garage

When it comes to size, there is no limit on how large your garage should be. That is if you have space for it.

Another benefit of a detached garage is that you can build a double-car garage with fewer restrictions than you would with an attached garage. 

4. Garage with an Accessory Dwelling Unit

Garage with an Accessory Dwelling Unit

This one is unique. It is a combination of a detached garage and a living space. On such a garage, you can have not just with bonus room but also full living quarters. Yes, including a kitchen and bath.

Do keep in mind that to build a garage with an accessory dwelling unit, you will have to get specific permits. What kinds of permits you must get depend on your zoning laws.

5. Detached Carport

Detached Carport

Perhaps you like to park your vehicles in a place with a more open layout? In that case, a carport will suit you well.

Unlike garages, carports tend to be detached from a house. A carport has an open-air structure with at least one of its sides open. 

6. Attached Carport

Attached Carport

While most carports are detached from the house, some carports are attached to a house.

If you like the open-air structure of a carport and the convenient access, an attached carport is an ideal choice. It offers the best of both worlds.

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7. Barn-style Garage

Barn-style Garage

Last but not least, a barn-style garage. Looks can be deceiving. This building looks like a barn. In reality, it is a garage.

It is a clever solution if you want a large space for your vehicles while making a statement with the garage.

As you can see from our garage addition ideas above, garages come in varieties of designs. From an attached garage to a barn-style garage, each offers something unique.

So, what do you think? Which type of garage suits your house the most?

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