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    7 Cool Garage Paint Colors Ideas and Design

    Does your garage need some improvement? Renovating your garage can be done in several ways. One of them is by repainting it. This simple renovation is affordable. Moreover, you can do it on your own without the help of professionals. However, to bring out the best of your garage, you need to choose the best garage paint ideas.

    Most experts recommend you to have neutral dark colors in your garage. However, if you feel a bit bold, you can pick unusual colors for it.

    Therefore, your garage will look outstanding. For some inspirations on ideas of garage paint, you can check our list below.

    A Stripe of Red on Neutral Colors

    garage paint ideas

    This garage looks cool with its gray, white, and red paint colors. Applying the gray paint on the lower part of the wall is a smart idea.

    Dirt will be invisible on this gray wall. Meanwhile, the white upper wall makes the room looks brighter. Moreover, the red chair rail makes the garage more attractive.

    A Bold Orange Garage Idea

    Bold Orange Garage Ideas

    This garage paint idea is perfect for you who have bold or strong personality. With a bright orange paint like this, your garage will look outstanding and unique.

    However, you must be prepared to maintain its cleanliness. Dirt will be visible on this orange wall so that you need to be careful not to make it dirty.

    A Gray Functional Garage

    Functional Garage Ideas

    This all gray garage looks modern and cool. Moreover, it is also very functional. With this kind of garage, you don’t need to spend more time and energy to keep it clean.

    Moreover, you also have more freedom in what you do in this room since you don’t need to worry much about its cleanliness.

    A White Garage

    White Garage Ideas

    White paint may not be recommended for a garage. But, it doesn’t mean that you can use it on your own. Having a white garage is perfect for you who have low light in this room.

    With this paint color, you can make your garage brighter without spending too much energy on electricity.

    A Warm Light Brown Garage

    Light Brown Garage Ideas

    This garage paint idea is not that popular. But, many people think that it is better than a white garage. The light brown wall can tolerate dirt a bit better than the white wall. In addition, it also looks warm and welcoming.

    A Cool Garage with a Touch of Blue

    Cool Garage Ideas

    If your favorite color is blue, you can choose this garage idea. The stripes of blue and the blue door look cool in this room. Meanwhile, the gray wall will hide the dirt and the white wall makes the room brighter.

    A Mild Orange Garage Paint Idea

    Garage Paint Ideas

    If an all-orange garage wall is too much for you. You can choose this idea instead. The combination of orange lower wall, black chair rail, and white upper wall makes this garage looks standout without making it too bold.

    A Fresh and Green Garage Idea

    Fresh and Green Garage

    Green is a bit unusual for a garage. However, this fresh and green garage idea will make the room looks outstanding. For easier maintenance, it is recommended for you to choose the darker shade.

    All in all, you can choose any color you like for your garage. But, you need to remember that certain colors require you to clean your garage more often. Therefore, you must be prepared for it.

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