Home Air Conditioning Repair Tips That Everyone Must Know About

If you were to go back in time to the middle ages, which item would you bring with you? The most common answer to this question is usually something wacky and high-tech.

But, what about the more everyday things that we use on a daily basis? Just imagine how much a person from the middle ages would be confused if they used an electric toothbrush. Or, how amazed would they be to see a box that makes a cold room hot and vice versa?

Sounds like magic when explained in these terms, but that is just the good old air conditioner. Almost everyone has this little magic box to warm us up during the winter or cool us on hot summer days.

However, this box is not magical at all, it is just like every other technology. It is a piece of equipment that must be maintained and repaired accordingly.

Calling a professional

Home Air Conditioning Repair Tips

Air conditioners are a pretty interesting invention that is sometimes pretty simple and sometimes complex. In order to repair and maintain your AC the right way, you need to know when the problem is simple.

Sometimes, a job that can take you hours on end can be done much faster by a professional. A professional will also not compromise your precious AC. When you are repairing complex problems alone, the chances of ruining it increases.

Oftentimes, it is overall much more efficient to call a professional because time is money. You can get a free estimate if you visit www.progressiveairconditioning.com, so you can know if the repair is worth it.

With so many different AC units out there, it can be hard to find a manual for your very own AC. The problem becomes more complex when companies purposefully make parts unique and hard to find.

Changing the filter

Air always circulates through an AC, and that air has a lot of stuff in it. This is why there are filters in air conditioners, to get rid of the nasty things in the air.

This filter catches these contaminants, but it does not make them disappear. This is why you need to replace the filter on your AC often, and you can do so manually. The first thing you need to do is locate the air filter, which is often near the thermostat.

Next up, loosen up the compartment holding the filter and proceed to remove the filter. You should use gloves because the filter can be contaminated with dangerous bacteria.

The new filter will have visible signs which part is the front and which one is the back. Simply insert it, tighten the screws, and voila.

You should replace the AC filter once every three months, but that also depends on many factors such as pets for example.


Thermostats are often the reason why people need help fixing their AC. In many of these cases, people will tell you that it suddenly stopped working, for no reason.

And that is true, it can stop working out of nowhere, and oftentimes, that is because of a dead battery. By simply checking the battery or the plug, you can easily fix a thermostat.

If smoke starts coming out of it, you should immediately turn off the power to the AC unit. The problem could be due to the buildup of excess dirt or some sort of infestation. Once everything is turned off, you should get to cleaning and replacing damaged wires.



The exterior part of an AC unit is something you should never forget. That part is most often exposed to the elements and many other unwanted visitors.

This is why you need to clean the exterior unit from dust and all of the other contaminants that can fall on it.

This does not mean giving it a full wash due to obvious reasons, but a simple dusting off can be enough. There are more practical guides online that will tell you how to remove the parts of your AC unit.

These are the basic things that everyone must know about home air conditioning repair. Oftentimes, the problems are this simple and this simple to resolve. Other times, it is usually best to call someone to help you out if you want a functional AC.

It is all about being aware of what an AC is and aware of your abilities. Nothing is forever, nor is the AC in your room eternal.

In order to make that unit count, you need to apply knowledge and seek more knowledge on this very important subject. Only through knowledge and reading can you make other things in your life last longer.

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