3 Ways Knowing How Far Should Chairs be From A Fire Pit

This article discusses and informs us on how far should chairs be from a fire pit. It is ideal for homeowners who plan a patio and a fire pit. So, the reading below can help to answer their question.

Fire pits are one of the most wanted projects for the outdoors aside from pools. The spot can be your cozy and entertaining area for families or friends to get around. Here is the following explanation about outdoor fire pits.

Ideal Distance for Fire Pits

Some prefer placing their chairs from the fire pits four feet away. In this way, we can see more room for people to walk around the spot.

Meanwhile, some others think the ideal distance is three feet. This space allows us to prop feet on the ledge of the pit. So, people are comfortable spending time in a fire pit.

The space available for placing chairs and a fire pit may vary. It depends on the area. A bigger patio means the distance between chairs and a fire pit can be bigger. On the other hand, a smaller place means the space may be smaller.

Choosing The Spot

Building a fire pit can impact your safety. That is why we need to select the location carefully. So, we can have the ideal place that gives comfort and feel safe.

Local regulations may remind us not to build a fire pit. If we want to create it, we have to consider how far should chairs be from a fire pit. Thus, we need to check the details with the city’s fire marshall before starting the project.

The best place is in a wider open space. Then, we can ensure the flames and sparks reach nothing. Additionally, pick the location with level.

Do not forget to consider wind direction on our property. It works in social areas like a patio or an outdoor kitchen. Besides, you can consider any views that we wish.

Space Requirements

After the earlier explanation, we start to think and consider the requirements. We need to know how much space is required for a fire pit, including the seating area.

First of all, we have to decide the pit’s size. It happens because the fire pit will be the center. People can enjoy the spot from all sides.

Thus, we have to be sure that the space is enough for placing chairs around. Besides, we have to give a space for people to be able to walk around the pit safely and conveniently.

The ideal space is at least 7 feet, including all outer edges of a fire pit. It has become a good rule for homeowners. In this way, we can have much room for chairs.

Apart from that, we can place other furniture. Moreover, people can walk comfortably. That is why the distance is ideal for building a fire pit.

Some people may still not be sure about the ideal size. Try to mark the fire pit and place chairs around. This trial is good to know how far should chairs be from a fire pit

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