How to Add a Bathroom to a Basement: 4 Tips to Follow

More people want to bring more functions to their basements. They do not want to use it as a storage room only since it has the potential to be a comfortable living area. Some homeowners even consider adding a bathroom to their basements.

Adding a basement to the basement can be a great idea to use this space better but you need to know more about how to add a bathroom to a basement to make sure that there will not be any problems in the future.

Hire Professional

First things first, you must not think that adding a bathroom to your basement can be a DIY project unless you are a professional. Yes, hiring a professional is essential to do the basement bathroom project right.

A professional with experience and training will help you make the proper plan and permits you to execute the project correctly.

Permits are needed to add a bathroom to your basement. That is why you should avoid the contractor that tells you that no permit is needed for this basement bathroom project.

Consider Ventilation

How to Add a Bathroom to a Basement

Why can adding a bathroom to the basement be complicated? It can be complicated because you need to install ventilation to remove moisture from your basement.

Remember, both the basement and bathroom can attract moisture easily. When you combine both, the moisture challenge will be higher. That is why ventilation will be a step that will always be found in how to add a bathroom to a basement.

When installing an exhaust or ventilation fan, you need to cut into concrete, drywall, and also other building materials to lead the exhaust safely out of your basement. That is why this project cannot be a DIY project because you can easily ruin the house without expertise and training.

Choose Flooring

What kind of flooring should you use for your basement bathroom? The common flooring option for the bathroom is tile. It can also be a great choice for the basement bathroom.

However, you must not forget what goes under the bathroom tiles. You need to install an uncoupling membrane between the concrete and the bathroom tiles to prevent cracking due to temperature changes.

Both concrete and tile can be independent of each other by installing the membrane so the concrete substance is allowed to expand and contract naturally. You can even install heated flooring with the uncoupling membrane.

Install Lighting

choose the lighting fixture

The basement space might be large enough but it usually feels cramped because of its low lighting source and low ceiling. You do not want to waste the wide floor space in your basement, for sure.

That is why you need to choose the lighting fixture carefully. You have to make sure that the lighting fixture will provide enough lighting without wasting the headroom in your basement bathroom.

Adding more lighting is recommended, for sure. You can even install it in the shower as long as you use the lighting specified for the wet zone.

Now you know how to add a bathroom to a basement, are you ready to get an additional bathroom in your basement?

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