12 Attractive Bathroom Molding Ideas to Trim Your Bathroom

Trimming the bathroom is an effective way to make this particular room look more attractive. The rule of trimming the bathroom is different from trimming the other rooms in your house. You can check these bathroom molding ideas and see how most people apply wall moldings in the bathroom.

You’ll find out that most of them feature crown moldings and baseboards. However, only a few of them have chair rail moldings

1. White Bathroom Molding Ideas

bathroom molding ideas

White molding ideas for the bathroom are very popular among many homeowners. The reason behind this popularity is that white molding goes well with most wall colors. In addition, it generally matches the ceiling very well.

If you are interested in trimming your bathroom in white molding, you can consider having a full trim similar to this bathroom. This bathroom molding idea looks attractive and is perfect for transitional style.

To create this look, you need to install white baseboard, panel molding, crown molding, and window casing. Be sure that all those molding styles go hand in hand beautifully.


2. White Beadboard Wainscoting Idea for the Bathroom


Adding beadboard wainscoting on the bathroom wall is also quite popular among homeowners. This type of wall molding adds a layer of protection for the bathroom wall and improves the look of the bathroom.

This bathroom beadboard idea features small beadboard detail that is perfect for a small bathroom. Its top rail is also simple and plain so that it makes the bathroom look less cluttered. This bathroom is without crown molding, which may be caused by its sloped ceiling.

3. Black and White Bathroom Molding Ideas

Best bathroom molding ideas

Do you want to create a contrasted look in your bathroom? If you do, you can trim the bathroom in these black and white bathroom molding ideas. For this purpose, you need tall dark or black beadboard wainscoting, large white baseboard moldings, and white crown moldings.

You can see that the bathroom crown molding idea looks attractive with several small details. Moreover, the top rail of the beadboard has a matching style with the crown molding.

4. Three Step Crown Molding Idea


If your bathroom already has a charming design, trimming it with only crown molding is enough. There are various bathroom crown molding ideas that you can pick for your bathroom. However, to compliment a beautiful bathroom, installing three step crown molding is enough.

5. Cream Wall Moldings on Light Gray Bathroom Wall

Best bathroom molding ideas

A light gray bathroom is cool. However, if you want to add a warmer look in it, you can adopt this cream wall molding idea.

In adopting this idea, you need cream beadboard, cream baseboard, cream chair rail, and cream window casing. When installing the beadboard wainscoting, be sure that it is only as tall as the toilet closet.

6. Wall Molding Idea for a White Bathroom


When it comes to trimming a white bathroom, you have two options to choose, they are trimming it in contrasted colored moldings or in white moldings. If you choose the latter, you can consider this wall molding idea.

The concept of this idea is quite simple. It only requires crown molding and baseboard. Moreover, to enhance the look of the bathroom, you can install door casing. In choosing the door casing, be sure to choose ones that have a matching look with the other moldings.

7. Light Purple Bathroom Molding Idea

bathroom molding ideas

This light purple bathroom is a bit unusual, but it looks attractive with the combination of white moldings and large mirrors. The moldings used in this bathroom are quite simple. However, they are perfect for it because they balance the unusual bathroom color beautifully.

The wall moldings needed to create this bathroom idea are window casing for the mirrors and doors, baseboard, and crown molding. This bathroom does not have a beadboard or chair rail model, but it doesn’t make the room less attractive.

8. Wainscoting Idea for the Bathroom


Aside from having beadboard wainscoting, you can install common wainscoting for your bathroom, such as this bathroom idea. The height of the wainscoting is higher than average. Consequently, it is most perfect for a bathroom with a tall ceiling.

9. Extraordinary Wall Molding Idea: Full Black Moldings


If you want to trim your bathroom in an extraordinary wall molding idea, you can try trimming it in black moldings. This is one of the most unusual bathroom molding ideas that will make your bathroom look impressive.

It takes black panel molding, black beadboard wainscoting, black chair rail, black baseboard, and black crown molding to create this look. This bathroom molding idea is best for the men’s bathroom.

10. Dark Wood Molding Idea for the Bathroom

Best bathroom molding ideas

This dark wood molding idea is also one of the most unique bathroom molding ideas. The number of bathrooms with this type of molding is only a few. This molding idea adds elegant and luxurious looks into your bathroom.

What you need to have in creating this design idea is door casing, crown molding, and wainscoting. All of these elements must be made of dark wood. In addition, the wainscoting must be installed on the upper half of the wall, not the lower half of the wall.

11. Black Trimming Idea in a White Bathroom


If you think that trimming the bathroom in full black moldings is too much for you, you can opt for this black trimming idea in a white bathroom. You only need to install black crown molding on white wall and ceiling.

Moreover, you need to trim the lower half of the wall using white tile wainscoting and top it with black tile top rail. To match this bathroom molding idea, you also need black and white tile flooring.

12. White Wainscoting in the Bathroom


This bathroom molding idea is perfect for you who want to create a spotless bathroom. The trimming of this bathroom is a bit traditional with its white wainscoting, chair rail, crown molding, and baseboard.

However, it will not make your bathroom look outdated. The white color of the molding is able to make the bathroom look more modern and attractive.

The bathroom molding ideas above are all interesting since they allow you to express your character effectively. However, it is essential for you to be careful in applying the black full moldings and dark wood moldings. Be sure that they don’t make your bathroom look too ‘heavy.’

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