How to Build a Reloading Bench and Set Up it?

How to build a reloading bench simply? Adding a reloading bench is essential because you can use it for some functions. It has so many storage places that will help you to keep and store all things that you need.

A well-organized and sturdy reloading bench is one of the most critical aspects of reloading. Your reloading bench should be tailored to the available area as well as the sort of reloading you undertake.

This is how my reloading bench is set up. In a limited location, it’s ideal for single-stage reloading. You need to measure the space first before you build and set up the bench. Before you set up the seat, you better consider some things on how to build a reloading bench.

Choose Type of Reloading Bench

A reloading bench should be sturdy and spacious enough to accommodate all of your reloading gear. Many people prefer to construct their seats, but mine is simply an old desk.

It is extremely thick and hefty, despite being built of laminated particleboard. It has two levels, which is my favorite feature. This allows me to store equipment on the upper level while reloading on the lower level.

It’s also deep enough for me to store larger items like my case tumbler and case prep center at the back of the bench, out of the way. For you who have limited space and want to get a sturdy reloading bench, you need to mount the reloading bench on the wall.

If you have the option, you should mount your reloading bench to the wall. There is no such thing as an overly rigid or strong reloading bench. Make sure you drive the screws into a stud when mounting a seat to a wall. Simply securing your bench to drywall will not increase its structural strength.

Install Your Press

You must now set up your press after receiving your reloading bench. Whether you mount your press right or left-handed will determine where it goes.

Your press should be on the far right side of your seat if you are right-handed. Left-handed reloaders should place their press on the bench’s far left side. Reloading will be easier and more efficient if you set up your reloading seat in this way. Bolts are needed to secure your press to your reloading bench.

Install the Powder Measurement

To make it easy to use, the powder measure is positioned on the higher level of the desk.

The next step is to mount your powder measuring device. On the other side of their press, people have mine mounted on the second level of their bench.

This allows me to use both pieces of equipment comfortably. The powder measure is considerably easier to use now that it is elevated. You still need to do other steps to set up your reloading bench. If you like to have a low-cost reloading bench, you better use a used wood or furniture to make your new reloading bench.

You can get new functions from your old furniture when you make making reloading bench. You can search for more steps on how to build a reloading bench in some other sources.

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