7 Creative Reloading Bench Ideas for Your Next Project

Do you have a plan to buy a new reloading workbench in the short future? If you have woodworking skills or architecture background, it could be a great idea to build a bench yourself. There are so many reloading bench ideas to adopt, allowing you to customize the design to meet your needs.

Whether you have a special reloading room or you plan to repurpose the garage, there are always perfect ideas to build the workbench.

Ranging from rustic to industrial style, you can choose one that meets your preferences. Here’s a closer look at inspiring reloading workbench ideas to adopt.

Best Reloading Bench Ideas

Wall Mount Shelving and Pegboard for Extra Storage

Wall Mount Shelving Design

This idea combines wall mount workbench and corner shelving that adds extra storage. You can also install pegboard that helps keep your tools and utilities accessible at any time.

With everything in place, it can make your reloading room more comfortable, not to mention it promises convenient reloading.

Sturdy Wooden Reloading Bench

Wooden Reloading Bench Ideas

A reloading bench must be sturdy as it should be able to handle weights from the stuff. This bench idea can be a good bet if you wish for stability.

Rather than using wall mount bench, it gives you some peace of mind when reloading and unloading the firearms.

Rustic Bench with Built-in Shelving

Rustic Bench Design

Adopting rustic style, this is one of the best reloading bench ideas for your garage or reloading room.

It comes with a built-in shelving that lets you organize your stuff. Not only does it look neat and tidy, but it also offers stability to handle your work.

Wall Mount Bench to Save Space

Wall Mount Bench Ideas

If you have a small space issue, wall mount bench can be a great alternative.

It doesn’t consume a lot of space on your floor, not to mention it can be mounted almost anywhere in your room. Just make sure the bench is firmly secured on the wall.

Extended Bench for Ample Room

Amazing Extended Bench Ideas

Having a lot of reloading stuff requires you to build an extended bench to accommodate everything.

This idea should be able to suit your needs with a wall mount bench and extended floating shelves for extra storage. Don’t worry about running out of space!

Industrial Reloading Workbench

reloading bench ideas

This rustic industrial pipe bench is going to upgrade your reloading room, no matter how small it is.

The combination of wooden top and pipe base ensures its sturdiness aside from making your space look stylish. Interestingly, this idea allows you to easily adjust the size to meet your needs.

Simple Bench for Tiny Space

Creative and Simple Bench Ideas

This is an ideal workbench if you prefer simplicity. The wooden bench comes with a simple design yet sturdy, so you don’t need to worry about advanced woodworking skills.

For extra functionality, add a built-in shelving where you can store reloading stuff and keep your room clean.

Purchasing a store-bought reloading workbench may sound simple for you. But you should remember that building a bench allows you to customize the design, so that you can build one that meets your needs.

Among 7 reloading bench ideas above, which one is your favorite?

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